Is it time for Google to start tweeting?

Since Twitter introduced their new search engine the tech world has been debating the new introduced concept of a live streaming search engine and what does it mean in terms of how we perceive search in general and its effect on Google in particular? While some people argue that Twitter is not even a search engine, others give reasons of why Twitter’s is the future of web search.

When I tried Twitter’s search myself, I felt a sense of novelty and excitement that I haven’t felt about search for a long time. While aggregating live streaming gives you the latest updates of what you are looking for, the sense of having people say it in a relevant sentence gives a whole different dimension of credibility. No matter how smart Google algorithm can be, we – as people – still put out trust in other human predicaments. There is an Arabic proverb that says “Ask an experienced not an expert”.

On the other hand, Twitter’s search is limited in many ways. It doesn’t cover the areas Google search covers today. It is only an aggregation of live stream interactions where the most recent appears on the top, it doesn’t cover any popularity heritage, indexing or ranking methods that Google reside to in order to come up with better search results.

Of course, both of these search methods serve different search needs, but like many people, I prefer an integrated medium that offers both searches in one place. While I can’t see how Twitter would ever possibly offer Google’s search engine functionality due to their current business model, I can see it easily happening the other way around. Google has been trying to infiltrate the social networking arena through its Friend Connect service. They give people the tools to turn any website or blog into a social networking medium easily. If Friend Connect gains the needed popularity, it can be the right tool to build Google’s Twitter-like database. If it fails then maybe Google should consider buying Twitter?

Some people have already started working on integrating both searches. Consultant, Mark Carey, came up with a browser add-on that displays the 5 most recent Twitter search results on top of Google’s search results page.

It sounds like a good solution for now, but I prefer my own version of such implementation of having the whole set of Twitter’s search results to the side of Google’s search result. That would elemenate precendecy of search results giving both search methods equal space, and allows more search results from Twitter to appear directly without the need of further clicks. WebMynd extension offers such layout option of adding a Twitter search, along with other widgets, to the side of Google’s search results, but I think it is better if Google offer their own service and build their own micro-blogging database.

It is cool to try both searches! I can’t help but wonder: will Google create a What tricks will Twitter pull out of its hat? In 2015, do you think the current Google search can cut it? Let’s hear your opinion, comment below…

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