The (endless) Table of Social Website Platforms for Businesses!

How is Web 2.0 helping everyone stay connected in the business world? What are social website platforms, who are their main users and how do they promote business endeavors and initiatives? How can you find the best website to help you attain the reach and success you aim for?

Thoughtpick always thinks of you when researching a certain topic. Keeping your interest at the top of our mind’s list, we have prepared for you a seemingly “endless” table to help make your online research experience a tad smoother and more informative!

In a nutshell, there are many platforms out there to help a business build a social website. By a social website, we are referring to the ability of having a two-way conversation with your clients, and clients being able to talk to one another thus forming a community around your business.

This following carefully crafted table will discuss and cover the main issues related to social website platforms in terms of their target audience, effort needed to start using them, their interface, business value, limitations and further advices to help optimize your benefit from them. We also added a list of further reading and examples to help you better grasp what we are talking about throughout the table.

Enjoy :)

Here is the table – just click on it to view the full table in full screen:

We hope you feel full after this wholesome meal we have presented you with!

More endless tables coming your way soon :)

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  1. […] Although you might already know it, but I feel it is necessary to emphasize that Threadless (company and team) is in no way responsible for this piece of, as some may call it, free publicity. Yet, since Thoughtpick’s team specializes in web marketing activities and social media tools, dos and don’ts, failures and successes, I have found it important to highlight the brilliance behind the work they are conducting online and their excellence in executing their marketing activities through effective mixtures of social media tools and platforms. […]

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