Our World in 3009: Lazy, Slow & Fat!

Let me begin this article by asking you a question? Which part of the body do you think we exercise most during our every day routine? I will take a wild guess: our fingers!

Thank you Dill Pixels of Flikr for sharing this photo.Most of us live a very hasty lifestyle with work and making a decent living being on our utmost priorities’ list. Since the introduction of Web 2.0 and social networking sites, tools and media, we are becoming more aware of how much less time we have outside the of Internet, and believe me, it is very little!

Allow me take you back in time to a life shy from the Internet and its use. Do you remember how much more time we had to practice different hobbies, spend time with family and friends and even exercise? Now, take a look of where we are and imagine where we will be in the next decade!

How is the Internet making us lazier and slower? Well, here is my answer:

  • With more and more social networking sites emerging and available at the finger tips of Internet users, more people are sadly replacing the need for deeper level face-to-face socialization with the mere presence and random followups on Facebook, the so-called “one stop shopping” venue!
  • People are seeking more excuses to be lazy: they demand less clicks, less navigation buttons and smoother flowing platforms! Therefore web designers and developers and forced to learn new ways to help facilitate the use of the Internet sites, which in turn also helps make people even more lazy!
  • Sometimes, more is less! Knowing a lot about everything seems to be the new trend, but is it the right way to go? I highly doubt that! Since the “abundance of choice both bedevils and liberates those who face it”, I think spending hours surfing the Internet about different topics is not always a solution, it could be a loud siren to a serious problem: Wondering how our day is wasted!
  • Even people who fall under the “time poor” category are slowly being drawn into the web! With the availability of many articles claiming that social media such as Twitter are tools that expedite initiating contacts and achieving sales targets, many people are wasting so much time trying to figure their way around these “tools” while giving less importance to the traditional marketing and sales methods which proved to be powerful throughout the years!
  • What about students? Don’t you think that the Internet has highly affected their lifestyle and their studying habits as well? Books are becoming more obsolete and research is becoming more limited to the resources on the web, where basically anything could be “copied and pasted” with expert laziness and relentless ease!

I am sure, if you look deeper, you can find more proofs on how heavy Internet use is promoting laziness, slowness and even excessive weight gain nowadays!

Finally, I believe that it is both natural and logical to want more benefits and ROI on the cost (effort and time) we invest into the web each day yet the question remains to be: Are we seeking more benefits or are we just being lazy cats?

I urge both the poor time and rich time users to give me your comments on this issue, unless you are too lazy to do so! :-)

P.S: Thank you ‘Dill Pixels’ of Flikr for sharing the Sumo cat photo. I hope it’s OK to use it. If not, just drop me a comment.

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4 responses to “Our World in 3009: Lazy, Slow & Fat!”

  1. max says:

    no we ll all be dead from global warmin

  2. […] very simple: you sit all day at work, then sit some more for social media; that will probably help grow any eating disorder habits you have! Just like the TV used to cause […]

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