13 Viral Twitter and Flash Games Analyzed!

ThoughtPickers dove into the world of simple viral games – mostly twitter and flash based games –. We played, researched, and investigated (but mostly played ;) ). We used to think that simple games can’t be funny or addictive, but we realized otherwise. We found out that some games are simply brilliant, others have good potential, and some are significantly flawed.

We list them in three categories below.

Brilliant Games

Fast140 - How Fast can you Tweet?

Fast140 - How Fast can you Tweet?

1. Fast 140: Fast 140 measures one’s typing speed. It picks a tweet randomly and asks you to write it as fast as possible. How fast can you type?

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: Try it once, and you will keep on banging your keyboard for better results. It has an addictive and competitive nature. @Fast140 has now 12,066 followers.

Sock and Awe - Bye-bye Bush

Sock and Awe - Bye-bye Bush

2. Sock and Awe: A flash based game that was built on a hot news topic. You just click on your mouse to throw shoes on George Bush.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: People behind the game were brilliant enough to take advantage of this hot news incident. Today Sock and Awe enjoys around 92 million shoe-click online! It is not surprising to know that Bush’s viral games increased in the run up of Obama’s inauguration.

Swine Fighter Flash Game

Swine Fighter Flash Game

3. Swine fighter: Pick up your needle and inject flying pigs in this flash based game.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: Another game that was motivated by a hot news topic. It uses Twitter and Facebook for viral spreading and rapidly got shared between 750k user within just a few days.

Tweet Bomb

Tweet Bomb on Twitter

4. Tweet Bomb: Another simple twitter game: follow @tweetbomb and you may be lucky to be *bombed*. By bombed here we mean suddenly getting bombarded with many messages.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: In addition to the fun element of this game, if you get lucky you may end up with loads of new followers and tons of new potential connections. @tweetbomb already have 7,600+ followers, which indicates that this games is spreading very well.

shoemoney follow contest

shoemoney 31k followers

5. Shoe Contest: Actually this is not a game but we decided to list it because of the smart idea and the viral element in it. For a few thousand dollars, this guy managed to get 31k followers!


Games that have Potential

Twivia on Twitter

Twivia on Twitter

6. Twivia: It is as simple as this: follow @playtwivia to answer general questions and get points.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: We love this general knowledge game. It doesn’t only test your knowledge but also adds to it by tweeting the right answers.


TwitBrain on Twitter

TwitBrain on Twitter

7. Twit Brain: This game is good for those who like math problems. Follow @twitBrain and calculate fast the answer of their tweets in order to gain points.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: It is easy to make it to their daily rank! Just get one point and you’ll appear on their page! This tells us something about the game’s popularity! No? Let’s which them the best of luck.

Beat My Tweet on Twitter

Beat My Tweet on Twitter

8. Beat My Tweet: It is a word scramble game. Follow @beatmytweet and figure out the scrambled word to gain points.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: While it sounds like fun, it doesn’t enjoy much popularity on Twitter. Only 1,192 follower so far. But, we think it’s got potential.


Sony's Terminator Resistance 2018

9. Sony’s Terminator Salvation: This twitter based game is part of Sony’s viral marketing campaign for their upcoming Terminator sequel film. The idea is to join the human resistance by following @Resistance2018 on Twitter. You solve some tricks and answer questions related to the film.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: Awesome fresh experience for Terminator fans. It provides new dimensions to the story of the film and makes you feel as a part of it.

10. Whose Tweet?: Do you think you know well how your friends tweet? It picks a tweet randomly and asks you which friend of yours tweeted it.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: It is a fun game, but gets harder the more popular you get on twitter.

11. Tweet 140: Follow @tweet140, it will track the length of your tweets. The closer to a 140 character average, the better your score.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: The only value you may get here is being listed on their page for being efficient enough to use the 140 character twitter provides, which in turn can increase your followers! Good concept, but due to Twitter API limitation, they had to stop! It’s dead since August 2008!

Significantly Flawed!

12. Tamba medics game: A flash based game to gain medical knowledge and raise awareness.

Thoughtpickers’ opinion: While it is good in concept and aim, it has nothing to do with being viral as Tamba claims. You cannot login with existing credentials using Facebook connect, or OpenID. There is no import emails off Gmail feature, no Twitter or Facebook sharing, or anything that people use to share on the net other than emails. It even requires you to write emails of the people you want to invite one by one!
13. Twitter Porn game: We are not even going to provide any description for the game. We want to remind you to be aware on the internet. This game tricked people into answering questions that are usually attached to recovering forgotten passwords of their accounts, such as first pet’s name, first school’s name and so on. You ought to always be alert and not to fall into such traps.

These games can be helpful in making your day less boring, they can make your tweeting more fun and they can also serve as a good online marketing tool . If you are an online marketer, learn from the shoe contest and give real value to your audience, and if you are simply after fun then we wish you the best luck… enjoy your games.

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15 responses to “13 Viral Twitter and Flash Games Analyzed!”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Great read! Very informative and useful to all Twitter current users and potential users as well!
    The visual aids added here make it so much fun to read and enjoy!

    Great work!

  2. You forgot #operaplot, in which people could get real stuff like free opera tickets, Met player subscriptions, etc.

  3. Amer Kawar says:

    Thanks for the addition. We tried to include as many as possible, but I'm sure some escaped us :)

  4. FadiPick says:

    Thank you Beiruta, I am glad you enjoyed the read :)

  5. FadiPick says:

    Hey Bonnie, thanks for pointing that out. As Amer siad, we tried to include as much as possible. I will check the game and hopefully we can list it in a future analysis.

    Welcome to thoughtpick blog :)

  6. Eric says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. This helps me getting entertained and kills some time.

  7. Amer Kawar says:

    Glad to hear that :). Hope to see more comments from your end around here. Why don't you join our latest debate about Google@Omgili? Let us know what you think… Thanks

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  10. very good read fadi,a lot of very useful info, and i like the visual adds.
    well done

  11. Free Games says:

    Those were all great Twitter Games! Love it!Some of them I found it very addictive.. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Kim S says:

    I am not a big time gamer but this can definitely help tweeters pass some time in between tweets instead of totally absorbing themselves in twitter.

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  14. Maths is my fav subject, i like math from school day, that y like the 7th number game “Twit Brain” it is very very mathy game. I like it very much i have bookmarked it, Thanks for such great list.

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