A Round of Applause to Threadless!

How many brands are properly making use of the free social media available for all? Is there at least one company that is doing it “just right” through the professional yet creative utilization of blends of online social media tools? And how long will this success linger on before complacency and greed to generate more profits takes over?

Well, first of all, and after conducting heavy research, the answer to my first question is: YES! There are companies out there who are taking the right steps and going the “extra mile” to bring both value and variety into their consumers’ experiences, Threadless is one of them.

Threadless Logo

Threadless Logo

Although you might already know it, but I feel it is necessary to emphasize that Threadless (company and team) is in no way responsible for this piece of, as some may call it, free publicity. Yet, since Thoughtpick’s team specializes in web marketing activities and social media tools, dos and don’ts, failures and successes, I have found it important to highlight the brilliance behind the work they are conducting online and their excellence in executing their marketing activities through effective mixtures of social media tools and platforms.

As I was surfing through the latest news articles online, looking for a new topic of interest to share with you, I came across Threadless and I was impressed, and trust me, I am not easily impressed! The idea behind their targeted “tees” highly combines both creativity and originality which I am not being exposed to much these days! Furthermore, the different approaches they use to spread the word about their products and earn consumer loyalty, whether through Youtube, unofficial blog, Twitter account, MySpace, RSS Feeds and others, are very customer-oriented and well-planned.

All I can say is: I notice a trend of an honest and sincere “give and take” relationship between Threadless and its target market and I salute that! They seem to first understand then value consumer needs which in turn allows them to use the feedback they collect in order to further perfect what they are doing! Those people know what social media is about and appreciate it!

Best of luck to threadless! Keep up the good work and please don’t let fame drive you towards complacency, greediness or hasty execution like it did to others!

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2 responses to “A Round of Applause to Threadless!”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    I agree. Threadless seems to be doing a great job online. But, I think it’s important to point out that their success is not only because of their online campaigns, it’s because of the offline side of their services as well. Threadless offers a great customer support service, which in turn triggers a good reputation that can ripple through the virtual social media.
    What you got me thinking about is: what social media related techniques should one prepare for to make it easier for information to ripple? Maybe it’s actually existing and listening on every channel, from Twitter and Facebook, to Digg and Reddit.

    I’ll read around, and comment back (or blog about it) if I come to any realizations :)

  2. FadiPick says:

    Applause for Threadless

    Thank you Beirut for bringing them to my attention. They implemented a simple idea that brings value to a lot of people in a very bright way. In addition to designer's having an outlet for their creativity, it is no longer one or two people who decide the value of a designer's art, now a whole community can work and pick up the best.

    The tee shirts look really good! :)

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