Interview140 with @cheth – A Designer, Blogger and Social Media Enthusiast

Interview 140 Brief: During our research and while looking into different profiles on Twitter, we stumbled upon a certain trend being carried out by a few great Twitter lovers who have the ability to use Twitter in a way that makes the world a better place! Thus, the idea of Interview in 140 characters came into play! We decided to pick one Twitter user every once in a while and interview him/her about different topics of interest to the whole Twitter community and us as well.

Thoughtpick's twitter interviews...

Thoughtpick's twitter interviews...

A line about the interviewee:

Chethan defines himself to be a designer at heart; he has a great passion for web design and excels in creating distinguished graphics. He is also an avid blogger where he posts his design work and news. He has a big interest in social media and uses it efficiently to communicate and share his work with other designers over the web. His expertise in design, blogging and social media blend together in a beautiful way and make him stand out as an interesting individual in the twitter universe.

Chethstudio, the name of Chethan’s blog, is known for its freebies. He enjoys sharing his graphics with other people, and people love him for it. With 15,558 update and 15,195 followers on twitter, one can derive an idea about how active and popular @cheth is.

Interview140 Analysis and Lessons:

I tweet therefore I am

I tweet therefore I am

Social media has opened great opportunities for web designers, it brought them together to communicate and share their work. It had also facilitate designers’ work exposure to the world and served them with instance feedback about their work.

“I tweet therefore I am” @cheth told us; a phrase that shows the state of twitter today as an essential tool for people’s existence on the web.

The secret behind @cheth’s popularity is the value he provides for his fans. He continuously tweets good design related article, he has listed 100+ incredible Twitter background at his blog and he often offers free social media icons and templates.

Before talking to a designer, we never realized how annoying the single color twitter logo is. It doesn’t go well with people’s choices of backgrounds. We add our voice here to @cheth and call out for twitter to provide us with different logo color variations.

We learnt some lessons that we would like to share:

  • You can’t succeed in any social medium – Twitter or otherwise – if you do not enjoy it and love what you’re doing.
  • You need to know what you’re doing before you display your skills online. There are many people out there waiting to catch a mistake and show off their skills. Your target is to impress even the professionals out there!
  • Designers with good social media skills have better chance of succeeding and showing up their work than those who lack such skills.
  • Hard work is always appreciated.
  • Freebies = More Love :)

Is good design a process or an art? A big question isn’t it? Check out @cheth 140 character answer (#9) and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Cheth Studios Blog

Cheth Studios Blog


The interview140 (on twitter):

@fadipick: 1. What kind of tweets catches your attention? #140
@cheth: I read all my tweets, but i choose to reply/ RT anything related to #design #140

@fadipick: 2. If you are to change one thing about Twitter’s layout, what would that be? #140
@cheth: Twitter is just perfect, but I would like variations in colors for the logo; the blue logo doesn’t go well with my brown BG #140

@fadipick: 3. Name your favourite Tweeples. Why do they interest you as a person, or designers? #140
@cheth: @mayhemstudios because You don’t see profilic tweeterers engaging in conversation often. and @gopalraju very friendly! #140

@fadipick: 4. You are an expert designer, avid blogger, and social media enthusiast. How does it all blend together? #140
@cheth: I’m a designer first! Blogging is just a hobby, and SM to connect with awesome like minded people. I TWEET THEREFORE I AM! #140

@fadipick: 5. Your blog is famous for “Freebies” – namely sets of SM icons -. How do people react to your generosity, SM-wise? #140
@cheth: People love freebies, its a great feeling reading those thank you mails I get everyday. chethstudios is just to help others. #140

@fadipick: 6. Your “100+ Incredible Twitter Backgrounds” post was RT’ed 400+ times. Artistically speaking, how did you pick them? #140
@cheth: I’ve been bookmarking every neat twitter bg. I tried to give points for simplicity in design and the way its implemented. #140

@fadipick: 7. What opportunities did social media open for Web and graphic designers? #140
@cheth: They are endless! Twitter is an excellent place to meet like minded people, like I connected with some amazing designers. #140

@fadipick: 8. When you design for the social Web, what are the most important rules that you keep in mind? #140
@cheth: Simplicity and Elegance in design speaks a lot more. Set an example to others than following other designs as examples. #140

@fadipick: 9. Is good design a process or an art? [inspired by] #140
@cheth: Design is a step ahead of art. Can we define design? the answer is No! But its closely a more refined form of art. #140

@fadipick: 10.Which blog(s) do you recommend for illustrators and designers to subscribe to? Your favourites? #140
@cheth: I’m a self taught designer, My favorites – #140


We hope that you enjoyed this interview, and left with at least one piece of useful advice. Please retweet and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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20 responses to “Interview140 with @cheth – A Designer, Blogger and Social Media Enthusiast”

  1. FadiPick says:

    Nischith Suvarna, he is certainly a great designer, blogger and twitterer :)

  2. Beiruta says:

    I loved it too! Amazing quote! Cheth: You set a great example for new Twitterers and lazy ones as well :)

  3. Nischith Suvarna says:

    wow! he surely is the best guy from India great going chethz

  4. Beiruta says:

    I'm loving the lessons learnt! Yet another great interview140! Very useful information and valid questions and discussions! Keep it up! :)

  5. FadiPick says:

    Thank you Beiruta, I am glad you like it :)

  6. Shreya Kamath says:

    Awww cheth you rock man!!!! “I tweet therefore I am” well said man!!

  7. Harish says:

    Cheth is a Twitter sensation. RT expert. And one of the best designer among the people I have ever seen. One of the smartest guy among the people whom I know. Awesome interview.

  8. Mistygirlph says:

    I enjoyed reading the interview, gave me more insight to one of my favorite Tweep Cheth. He is a very generous person and you can see the dedication and love for his designs by virtue of his work. He is one of the first Tweep I met when i was a twitter newbie and we have remained good friends up to now. Thank you for sharing, I am sure a lot of your readers will be inspired to go forward with their dreams and goals.

  9. Ramkarthik says:

    Good interview. Cheth is a very humble person. What I like about him is that he is so friendly and talks to everyone who @ him (unless he misses your tweet due to the flooding replies).

    His designs are pure class. I know nothing about designing but can admire designs and Cheth is one of favorite designers. Good luck, Cheth, for your future.

  10. Aneslin says:

    Nice interview,
    i like his designs, specially his twitter graphics.

  11. Enjoyed reading interview140!! Cheth is an awesome designer and always helps friends without any expectations and he did the complete makeover of my blog! I want to take this oppurtunity to thank cheth for the makeover he did for my blog! Cheth you really rock! *cheers*

  12. Amer Kawar says:

    So where is @cheth?

  13. cheth says:

    Thanks for such good words, everyone! :)

  14. FadiPick says:

    @DigiGirL, social media can really be a good tool for people to go forward with their dreams and goals, no?

  15. FadiPick says:

    @Harish, hehehe, RT expert! I like that! I am glad you enjoyed the interview.

  16. Mistygirlph says:

    yes i agree..if only people will make the necessary effort to learn the tools properly and harness its power can it be used for personal and professional growth. I think @cheth has learned that truth and is using it in its full potential – oh btw I'm @mistygirph on Twitter

  17. Milana says:

    d(^.^)b two toes up and thumbs up for Cheth!! always love his works!

  18. FadiPick says:

    @sudhersana, I have just checked out your blog. I like the design and the content. Cool work :)

    Do you think the design of your blog came out of a good process or a work of art?

    You have a cute son, God bless him :)

  19. Shivam says:

    He's the man! Met him once in a design fest a trust me he stole the show that day

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