Interview140 with Skashliwal the Writer

Interview 140 Brief:
During our research and while looking into different profiles on Twitter, we stumbled upon a certain trend being carried out by a few great Twitter lovers who have the ability to use Twitter in a way that makes the world a better place! Thus, the idea of Interview in 140 characters came into play! We decided to pick one Twitter user every once in a while and interview him/her about different topics of interest to the whole Twitter community and us as well.

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Twitter Interviews in 140 chars

The first Interview140 took place on May 14th, 2009 with S K Jain who was brought to my interest based on the number of his followers, his valuable tweets and well-picked retweets (more than 11,000 status updates since joining Twitter).

A line about the interviewee:

S K Jain: “A believer of Individuality” – maintains an active blog ‘Osho Says…‘, as well as an active twitter account (@skashliwal) with 4,701 followers.

Interview140 (on Twitter):

@beiruta: 1. When and why did you decide to join Twitter?
@skashliwal: Joined on Dec’06 to explore the world transparently & instantly

@beiruta: 2. What are your favorite Twitter tools ?
@skashliwal: Tweetdeck, Twitteranalyzer

@beiruta: 3. How do you pick people you follow?
@skashliwal: The quality of the Tweets

@beiruta: 4. What advice do you offer new Twitterers?
@skashliwal: To add Value to your community

@beiruta: 5. How do you choose your Twitter retweets?
@skashliwal: Positive Tweets & some thing significant I wanna share in my circle

@beiruta: 6. What do you say is your passion online, business-wise?
@skashliwal: So far interaction & relations with people, no business objective here

@beiruta: 7. What do you blog about?
@skashliwal: Mostly I blog about spiritual, positivity.

@beiruta: 8. Do you use Twitter to promote your blog? How?
@skashliwal: By sharing links of the blog on twitter.

@beiruta: 9. How do you feel a writer/blogger benefits from Twitter?
@skashliwal: Relations with people worldwide, their view points, a lot of interesting useful stuff!

@beiruta: 10. What other social media tools do you use?
@skashliwal: Facebook, Linkedin, ecademy, plaxo

@beiruta: 11. Do you think of using Twitter in the long-term? Why?
@skashliwal: Yes, for Real time access to the Global Village!

Interview140 Analysis:

From this Interview140 we can conduct the following results:

  • Even bloggers and writers, using Twitter only to interact with their communities shy from business agendas, benefit from the reach and scope that Twitter provides.
  • True Twitter believers spend a few good hours per day to stay connected with their communities and give back to them by offering valuable and interesting ideas, thoughts and stories.
  • The ratio of followers to those following can determine if a person is to be followed or not.
  • Twitter alone might not be the best medium for spreading your ideas, thoughts or even business related topics.

Interview140 Lesson Learned:

When tweeting, be yourself as much as possible. People will appreciate your transparency and will care more for what you tweet.

Note: If you’d like us to interview you next, kindly contact us via twitter or write a comment below telling us why you think your Twitter experience is worth being publicized :)

Comments and Reactions

9 responses to “Interview140 with Skashliwal the Writer”

  1. kazumi says:

    Thanks for sharing this interview. Continue to share positive thoughts and ideas to the whole world especially online users. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beiruta says:

    You're more than welcomed :) I'm glad you liked it! More and more useful information will be coming your way! Stay tuned with our feeds!

    Please don't hesitate to suggest someone you'd like us to interview140 at our blog :)

  3. S K Jain says:

    Thanks Beirut, wanna add 1 more issue here i.e. of followers. It seems nowadays on twitter its a trend to showcase the no of followers one is having now & then; even for having 'x' no of followers ppl are asking friends to support to gain the no. I do not understand how does it makes difference? Then there is Auto follow back system in place (I too experimented with) which ensures all followers are followed back. My experience is having today approximately 50 suspended accounts and same no of followers who never twitted besides they came in & left this place in a period of 15/30 days. I feel high no of followers does not mean anything if they are not participating… take care ratios may not reveal the truth…

  4. Beiruta says:

    I'm glad you took part of our interview140 by being the first interviewee :) Great insights and feedback! Well appreciated!

  5. Amer Kawar says:

    Thanks for the insights @skashliwal. Actually, the problem you are describing is a problem we are all facing. Many of my twitter followers are auto follow backs or just dead-beat. We are cooking up a solution to help us all out. We'll let you know once the alpha test copy is ready :)

  6. S K Jain says:

    Thank you! please do let me know asap. Wanna get rid of Suspended accounts who just adds to the numbers worth Zero!

  7. FadiPick says:

    Hey @skashliwal, it is good to have you interviewed here at thoughpick blog. I just want to say that I do enjoy your positive tweets. It is cool to have you on my list among all of those social media people. Somedays I feel like needing some encouragement.. I now know where to go :)

  8. Beiruta says:

    You're so right! @skashliwal spreads positivity and motivation to my heart and soul :)

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