Is Facebook Being Jinxed?

I guess it’s true what they say: “You can’t be right all the time!”

Stunned by the two latest articles I have come across this morning: 1) Mashable’s Another Facebook Scam Strikes, and 2) Read and Write Web’s Facebook Shutdowns RSS Feed App , I couldn’t help but wonder: Did we really jinx Facebook?

Throughout our blog, and as part of our plan to teach, learn from and give to our community, we have managed to praise and criticize numerous sites, applications and tools in the Web marketing field and social media and networking arena. For the most of it though, we were able, through research and commitment, to mainly find flaws and downsides to Facebook all along such as the beacon issue, the advertising scams, spam, its invasive nature and so on. Yet, it seems to me that when we finally found two great issues to address regarding Facebook’s radical innovation and continuous efforts of evolution, someone decided to take the front and attack them instead!

Is it fair?

I personally, for the first time ever, take Facebook’s side! I mean I think that we should try to, as they say: “cut them some slack!”, at least this time.

Yes, we do demand excellence in performance and consistent overall experiences, but really, how much can these technical geeks handle? After all, looking at myself a few years back, I was unable to cope with a few customer complaints let alone Facebook’s millions of users who seem to be growing more and more aware yet judgemental with time and knowledge.

Who’s side are you on this time?

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One response to “Is Facebook Being Jinxed?”

  1. ralf dooley says:

    Facebook forgot to reward there customers for the efforts the are making.Soon they will be in trouble.

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