Top 7 Crimes Best Bloggers Commit!

How easy is it to create and maintain a great blog or website? How much effort, time and resources should be invested in a blog or website to ensure prolonged success and continuous recognition? What are the top 7 crimes the owners of some of the greatest blogs or websites commit?

Crimes a Blogger can commit :) ... Thanks to "Call thedoctor" of Flickr

'Innocent' crimes a Blogger can commit :) ... Thanks to "Call thedoctor" of Flickr

As I have promised you in my previous post, here is a one stop read of the top 7 mistakes that bloggers and site owners fall into after creating original and unique pages:

  1. Neglect: Many Internet users are time-poor, I know, yet after creating original and creative sites, whether in content and/or design, I believe that it is essential to maintain continuous updates and follow ups in order to keep the visitors loyal and coming back for more. Stumble Upon user commented on‘s creator by saying: “He created an awesome page and an inspiring way to make a blog… last update 2008, sad thing“.
  2. Redundancy: Repetition is a “no, no”! What worked once, twice, three times or even more, will not always work! Remember that! Even Guy Kawasaki made the mistake of becoming dull due to repetition and lack of innovation!
  3. Unavailability: Every blog and site owner should be available for feedback and responses most of the time in order to ensure effective two way communication and a more personal relationship with his/her visitors.
  4. Lack of Promotion: A great blog or site could self-promote for a certain amount of time after reaching its position in fame and glory but that is not enough! A smart site owner should make it a point to promote his/her site every once in a while in order to remind its visitors that its still there, great and running!
  5. Greed: One of the biggest mistakes site owners commit is using their pages to heavily advertise in order to gain more money! No matter how great your site or blog is, if you are greedy, people will be repulsed and will look somewhere else!
  6. No Credibility: As a blogger, your credibility is very crucial! If you can’t be consistent with who you are and what you do you will definitely lose the interest of your visitors.
  7. Lack of Research: The only constant thing is change! If a blogger or site owner forgets that, then all he/she has to offer is boring content with no mind busting or attention grabbing horizons! Research is important to make sure all the above items are covered.

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12 responses to “Top 7 Crimes Best Bloggers Commit!”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    @beiruta, I didn't quite get, why is Guy Kawasaki dull?

    Also, I believe many of the points are interlinked. For instance, availability, promotion and credibility are linked. You cannot promote or be credible without being available to your readers! I think Seth Godin is not a big fan of availability. His blog has comments disabled and he does not use Twitter! Maybe he does not care much about availability as he’s already got credibility and promotion?

    Great read! Keep them coming :)

  2. FadiPick says:

    @beiruta, this is a really wonderful post, one of your best.

    I admit that I feel guilty about my personal blog, I used to be more active and write more frequently, but I rarely have time to do so now. I barely blog once a week. It does feel like I have neglect it and disappointed my daily visitors. It is even worse when I check out the stats and keep on seeing those number of visitors coming day after day with no updates for them!

  3. Beiruta says:

    Dear @Fadi…

    I know exactly how it feels to neglect a personal blog, I do it all the time! The good thing is that people will keep coming if they have high expectations of your next post… But don't keep them waiting too long.

    Glad you enjoyed this post… I'll keep researching for more interesting things to blog about :)

  4. Beiruta says:

    Hello @Amer! :)

    Thanks for your feedback.. Let me get back to you on the 2 points you've mentioned above:

    – Guy Kawasaki himself is not dull :) He might be the most amusing person ever and might be fun to be around and spend time with :P But his blog was listed on the top worst blogs recently because they claimed, and I agree, it was dull in content and here I mean not very unique, up-to-date or interesting as a man of his reputation should live up to :)

    – Now, I agree with you, many points in my article are interlinked and even more so interrelated and so are almost all the points one can state concerning blogging since one could not exist without the other… The points have a complimentary relationship so if one exists, the other may follow and so on.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this… I'll cook up something you will have to agree on 100% for my next post! :)

  5. Amer Kawar says:

    @beiruta, you didn't get the purpose of the @, did you? :)

    I have my twitter account set up with my DISQUS account, so whenever I reply, it sends a tweet. So I had your twitter account name so you'd receive it on twitter!

    I don't know why you seem to think Guy Kawasaki's blog is dull – I didn't mean him before :) – as I just read an article about startups and boot-strapping that was very interesting, and insightful.

    I'll be looking forward to you next post. Thanks!

  6. Great post. #6 is a bit tough though because many bloggers who start out don't have much credibility. When starting you might bounce all over the place before eventually finding your niche and sticking to it. I think that's OK as part of the excitement of blogging is figuring yourself out better as well as sharing knowledge with your audience.

  7. toddysm says:

    @beiruta: Interesting post. I think the hard part is always how to keep fresh. However lot of people fall also in the “not available” category that frustrates their readers. I had a recent example where colleague of mine sent mail how mean people are because they call a blogger who doesn't respond on comments “jerk” – I thought they are right though:)

  8. Amer Kawar says:

    @toddysm: Unavailability is a bad thing, it makes people feel unappreciated. But, the larger a blog gets, the harder it is to follow up with everyone!

    Thanks for the comment :)

  9. FadiPick says:

    hey toddysm, actually sometimes I feel that when there is a debate going on in the comments section between the readers of the blog, there is no need for the the blog owner to interfer if he has nothing to add. Sure if someone comments directly toward him, he would be “jerk” not to respond.

  10. Courtney says:

    Your blog rocks.

    Most of the time I visit a blog I have no reason to come back…

    But I get the feeling I'll be back for more. :)

    This article made me think about the future of my blog.
    And the seven tips are classic.

    Although… number seven seems a little neglected!
    Shouldn't this be number one? But then again…
    that would only work if you don't neglect your blog…


    You made me think anyway.

    Courtney James,
    The Obvious Writer

  11. Amer Kawar says:

    Thank you, I appreciate it, especially that it's coming from a fellow blogger.

    The top 7 mistakes where not intended to be in order of importance, as they are all quite important to keep in mind. We could've wrote the top 50 mistakes, but instead decided to put the top mistakes and link to the rest as “further reading”.

    I just checked your blog, and you have some great content. Although, your last post is dated tomorrow morning. How come?

    You had an article about how Twitter is increasing your traffic. This is definitely true, and I think you found out about our blog through Twitter in a way or another. Twitter (especially RTs) are great backlink builders – this means higher ranking for your articles on search engines, too.

    Hope to see you around more often :)

  12. Peter says:

    I would add: cluttering a blog with that many widgets it takes ages to download.

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