What Would A Stumbler Thumb Up?

What are the hottest topics floating around the world wide web? What are the basis on which users of Digg. Reddit, Stumble Upon, Mixx and other social bookmarking sites pick their favorite blogs posts, pages and sites? How could you create something that will stand out amongst a crowded virtual world of endless knowledge and entertainment venues?

Since its beginning, Stumble Upon has proved to be unique…But what is the material worthy of stumblers’ thumbs up?

  • Originality: Originality is key! Unique sites with original ideas and implementations such as arms12.swf are very lucrative! Taking the idea of the ball catch game most of us played as kids and transforming it into an virtualĀ  game is just brilliant. Another example is time beat and how it changed the simple clock into yet another intriguing online experience.
  • Brilliant Clock Screen Saver

    Brilliant Clock Screen Saver

  • Creativity: Well executed creative designs and approaches such as phatterism.com are always favorable! Notice how the display of content is fun and interesting and even coupled with a full system to handle responses and feedback.
  • Phatterism Brilliant Portfolio

    Phatterism Brilliant Portfolio

  • Spiritually-oriented: Spiritual sites discussing religion or matters of belief namely 400monkeys.com also turn heads! People seek answers. A well guided and managed site/blog discussing issues of interest to large groups of people is likely to attract many thumbs up!
  • Audio, Video & Illustration: Sites and blogs containing truly captivating, interesting or just purely fun pictures, videos and illustration proved to be reviewed and voted up by many! Take outdoor-photos.com for example, the blend of photos it contains of landscapes and such or antilimit.com and the high resolution image variety it displays.
  • AntiLimit: Creative Imagery

    AntiLimit: Creative Imagery

  • Value-Oriented: Sites and blogs which offer benefit to their visitors and add value to their time spent surfing the web have proved to be very likable! Check out this shopping website where costumers are offered a chance to buy and sell unique handmade items online.
  • Etsy: Buy/Sell Everything Handmade

    Etsy: Buy/Sell Everything Handmade

  • Educational: Sites and blogs which provide information regarding different topics of interest such as technology, health and business related tips and stories seem to attract visitors’ ratings and reviews almost always! Visit hackaday.com and check out there tips and guides to different types of online hacking! (No, we don’t support hacking as such but the idea behind the site).
  • Community-Based: Social networking is about community building! When you have your own specialized community, it is quite easy to create a wide buzz for your blog and obtain high ratings for it.
  • Targeted Content: As a rule, creating the “right” content in the “right” manner will bring you more readers. But it doesn’t end there! You need to be able to write targeted articles with useful information within an easily read format in order to gain higher ratings and get more reviews.
  • Breaking News: Well organized and up-to-date news resources seem to be very attractive to stumblers and social bookmarking lovers just as well.

Stay tuned for my post about the mistakes many great site owners and bloggers commit! Hint: The first mistake I’ll be discussing is: Neglect.

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6 responses to “What Would A Stumbler Thumb Up?”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Great article @beiruta. One of my favourites.

    I believe I agree with most of what you said. I especially love the beating clock and phatterism.com. Brilliant portfolio indeed.

    Keep writing great articles :). Looking forward to your next article about blog owners mistakes!

  2. FadiPick says:

    These are great picks! That guy behind Phatterism is really creative. It is cool to see such websites online from time to time.

    Good job :)

  3. Marenda says:

    this stumbler is stumbling this post lol great job!!!! Well written and very much on point!

  4. Amer Kawar says:

    Hi Meranda, I'm glad that you enjoyed our article :) We are trying a new style of writing for the last week, so I think you might also enjoy our latest article about viral games.

    You've got a great blog, btw. I love the quote of the day: “All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”

    Hope to make your top 50 blogs for 2009. ;)

  5. Good stuff. Much of it is common sense, in that unique, creative quality content will be viewed positively by stumblers (and really any social site). But breaking it down into categories is really helpful and informative. Thanks for this, you get a thumbs up!

  6. […] I have promised you in my previous post, here is a one stop read of the top 7 mistakes that bloggers and site owners fall into after […]

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