69% of Web News is Google, Twitter, iPhone, Yahoo and Microsoft!

Is Google, Twitter, iPhone, Yahoo and Microsoft news the only hot topics in on the Web? If 69% of the most popular Web news sites is dedicated to those 5 giants, how will start ups ever be seen or heard? Are news resources being fair with new, creative start ups with original ideas and well-executed implementations?

Looking at OriginalSignal‘s page, I can’t help but wonder: How does well-reputed news resources fall into the trap of allowing their supposedly “high-quality” news content to be sometimes redundant and at other times even ridiculous or simply just not worth reading?

OriginalSignal News Highlighting the 5 Popular Keywords

OriginalSignal News Highlighting the 5 Popular Keywords in Headlines only

At this point, I asked Amer to do some geeky work for me and this is what he did: he put the headlines and abstracts from 9 of the top news sources of Web news: Mashable, TechCrunch, Read/WriteWeb, ProgrammableWeb, 37signals, CenterNetworks, eHub, O’Reilly Radar and Webware. The total articles compared was 188 articles. The following are the results and a visualization to make things clearer:

  1. Google” mentioned in 68 out of 188 articles (and more specifically “Google Wave” was mentioned in 11 out of 188 articles)
  2. Twitter” mentioned in 31 out of 188 articles
  3. iPhone” mentioned in 11 out of 188 articles
  4. Yahoo” mentioned in 10 out of 188 articles
  5. Microsoft” mentioned in 10 out of 188 articles

Five keywords dominated about 69% of all the Web news *abstracts* on the 31st of May 2009. Try using the keyword cloud below to see for yourself. [Note: We picked the 31st randomly. We know Google’s Wave announcement may have made it a bit inaccurate, but even thought, it’s still a massive percentage!]

To further explain my point, allow me to give some examples. As far as I see it, the Web’s news on the net is now mostly divided into two major categories:

1. Good yet repetitive news:

Yes, it is true that most of us are interested in the topics the above yet, does that mean they are the only relevant news we want to hear about? Why not combine each service/company news together in one comprehensive weekly report? Why not agree on a certain news flow to make the overall user experience less redundant?

2. Ridiculous, half-witted news:

Most of the above items are tweet worthy rather than being actual news worth reading! They can be fully told in 140 characters and do not need to be articles posted to million of readers!

Finally, I urge you to think about this: If 69% of Web news and articles is reserved for the 5 aforementioned topics, what is left for newly established start-ups? How can they ever have a chance to float in world wide news pools?

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  • Yes it is a shame for those websites to just concentrate on the top 5 engines. There are TONS of other website that do better than them. But yeah people are also interested in knowing only about the 5.

  • @ Srihari Thanks you so much for sharing your opinion about this post! I agree with you, new about those 5 is vital yet lately becoming just too much! Moreover, so much news on those 5 makes news about other smaller, yet maybe even equally important, ventures less available!

  • Hummm! Web are closing to technologies.

  • I was surprised too by the large percentage. I didn't expect it to exceed 50% but it did. It's incredible how much do these “top” Web news sources speak about those 5 brands.

    I know hot news is in the big brands, but that doesn't mean that I want to hear about 5 companies all year round!

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  • and that is without counting facebook, digg, stumble upon, reddit and other big players!

  • @Beirut, nice article but don't you think that this happens all the time. Even if you watch TV news Fox, CNN, ABC, local news stations – they all talk about the same (OK! Locals add the local murders too:)) I am still looking for the right way to filter the news because the repetition is just too much.

  • Well, StumbleUpon and Reddit do not usually make a lot of fuss on the news sites, but Digg and Facebook certainly had their time!

  • @ toddysm First of all, allow me to thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the above article! I highly appreciate your interest and involvement!

    Now, I must agree with you, this phenomenon seems to be taking over every media channel we are exposed to every single day, or every other day at least. I don't know whether it is a good thing all in all, or if it ,in really, has negative outcomes we don't yet see! But I am very sure that great news go unnoticed all the time! I mean seriously, if a dog being saved through Twitter is now something huge, what about all the lives wasted? The wars? The murders and so on? How does it seem fair that naive news such as Twitter's dog hits the hot topics while other more important and humane news does not even get close? How about news about smaller companies trying to get bigger with effort and hard work rather than millions of money spent?

    Anyway, it is all controversial and there is no one answer!

    So, thanks again for your input…

    Stay tuned :)

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