Mixx: Your Nappy Downtime is Affecting Our Waking Hours!

We know, it’s not only Mixx! Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit have had their share of downtime as well.

As Allan Graham puts it, “When it comes to availability, Web site operators should take a page from Yogi Berra’s playbook. When asked whether he would be dining at a famous restaurant, the legendary Yankee catcher said, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” Likewise, if your Web site is too crowded with volume it can’t handle, or suffers downtime for any reason, the “e” portion of your business is quickly closed.”

Screenshot: Mixx Napping!

Screen shot: Mixx Napping!

So, how does downtime really affect large websites such as Mixx, Facebook, Twitter and others? Are friendly error pages “friendly” enough to conceal those errors? What are the direct and indirect costs of such inconveniencing errors? And what can be done in order to avoid or at least just contain the damage done?

The Direct and Indirect Costs of Website Downtime:

  • The direct costs mainly effect the employees’ performance levels, extra developers overtime hours to fix the issue and might lead to losses in sales and overall productivity.
  • The indirect costs is mainly the effect on the client, since this incident might drive him/her to use an alternative competitor instead, which in turn leads to loss of current and potential customers.

Actions to be Taken:

  • Ask your “geeky” server admins to implement all possible available methods to prevent such occurrences starting from caching, to on the spot monitoring, auditing and instant alerts – here is a link to a list of 420 website testing tools that might help them do their job better!
  • As Good Marketing Ideas Article suggests, contact clients in the case of a downtime and use this issue to your advantage for marketing and keeping clients engaged. We further advise that you keep clients active and aware of what’s going on through Twitter and Facebook.
  • In more efforts to keep clients captivated, we also suggest that you utilize this free time (for you and your clients) to create offsite discussions and forums about features or improvements and obtain client feedback during the time your users want to use your service but are unable to do so.

So, finally, the question I’d like to ask you is: Do you think technology is holding the internet back?

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5 responses to “Mixx: Your Nappy Downtime is Affecting Our Waking Hours!”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I think certain aspects of technology do slow down the advancement of the internet as a whole… I mean sometimes a great site with a great design, content and support can still have many errors, caused by different technological issues, that will eventually make it lose many of its loyal users!

  2. Amer Kawar says:

    Very cool error page :)

    I agree, any service with many recurrent and regular users need to have a plan for unplanned failures. It happens, and it happens often! Whoever says that it was sudden and unexpected is just lazy or didn't do his research. You can always plan for a failure by doing backups, integrity tests, and about 10 more precautions that can be taken into consideration.

    Nice one!

  3. FadiPick says:

    Nothing annoys me more than seeing the big whale on twitter! It frustrated me over and over again trying to upload my personal picture to my twitter account! and then at other times, I just wanted to get my damn message through!

    It is bad because we are talking about big names here, it is like an industry issue where they think that it is acceptable! well hell it is not! They should be held accountable for not serving their clients the best way possilbe, it tarnishes their reputation and keep our eyes open on those who do really provide better services.

    Mashable has been following the GMAIL outages recently. I read more than one article regarding this matter at their website.

  4. Chris says:

    Mixx actually uses this screen when they are doing performance upgrades, not when anything is wrong. It is an intentional downtime. They discussed it at the Mixxingbowl.com

  5. Amer Kawar says:

    Are they all planned? If so, I think it deserves a proper announcement on the entire site saying it will be down from/to.

    Plus, Mixx was the one that got us thinking, the bigger example is Twitter – the famous fail whale is definitely not planned. Last week reddit.com was giving an application error, also it's doubtful that it was planned.

    If you check on the thread on Mixx, you'll see a few members also noticed that Mixx is going down more often lately:

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