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Top 20 Social Media Jokes, Clips and Cartoons! May/June 2009

In another attempt to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day, the Thoughtpick team likes to present you with more fun social media and networking related cartoons, jokes and clips!

Use the comments below to let us know your favorite! :-)

Jay Leno - Twitter Joke

Posted by Daniel Kurtzman

Stop or I Will Tweet by Daniel Kurtzman

By Guhmshoo

The Twitterverse By Guhmshoo

Posted by Tabitha Smith

Social Media: Unlooking the Awesome Potentials of Behavioral Disorders! by Tabitha Smith

Facebook Status-Off

Posted by

Why They Call it the God Phone by Rob Cottingham

Image by Rob Cottingham

Swine Flu by Rob Cottingham

Extracted from

Google Latitude by

Posted by Daniel Kurtzman

Iran Twitter Revolution by Daniel Kurtzman

Cartoon by Alex Moaba

Last Tweet Cartoon by Alex Moaba

Image from

Jargon! via

Image from

Confessions via

Image from

Now it's all Twitter! via

Social Media Cartoon by Marcelo Prais

Social Media Cartoon by

Some text jokes:

Question: What did the general do when he learned via Twitter that the battle was going badly?
Answer: He retweeted!

Question: What do you get when you cross Facebook with Digg?
Answer: A Digghead!

Recent Facebook Status: I have more high schools friends on Facebook than I ever had in high school!

You know you’re addicted to Facebook when: You relationship status is only official if its been updated on Facebook!

Computer Culture: A man and wife were both in an Internet Business, but it was the husband who truly lived, ate and breathed computers. His wife finally realized how bad it gotten when one day she was scratching his back, and he said “No, not there. Scroll down a little.”

What is blogshare? An imaginary share of a blog’s worth, which is ironic, since most blogs have an imaginary share of readers.

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Posted by on June 24, 2009.

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