Twitter Going Green for Iran – Will social media help shape the future of Iran?

Over 160,000 Twitter users have turned green in a universal movement that is meant to give support and consolidation to people’s demonstrations in Iran. Iranian crisis have proved to everyone that the world is no longer the same, and that social media has empowered people like never before.

Turn Your Twitter Avatar Green to Support Iran

Turn Your Twitter Avatar Green to Support Iran

Twitter didn’t just knock down well established conventional news agencies and reigned itself as the top source of fresh news, but it has also grown up to become a network of human support for people struggling for justice. In today’s world, people can do their daily activities, be productive and at the same time rally for human rights.

While Twitter dominated news coverage of how social media is helping the Iranian protesters, one can’t neglect the power and support other social networks have provided. YouTube and Flicker managed to give us real visuals of what’s going on, blogs served as live testimonials, and social bookmarking websites like Reddit and Digg, with their millions of readers, managed to push stories coming from Iran to the top. On Reddit, for instance, a help message gained popularity for asking Twitterers to change their time zone to 3:30 PM GMT in order to make the job of Iranian security forces of hunting down bloggers much harder.

Today, Mashable compiled a social media time-line for the Iranian Crisis. It is worth checking out how social media is helping up in shaping the state of Iran. Whether governments like it or not, nowadays, people have power – thanks to social media!

Social media gives us hope for a better future of people’s empowerment, it imposes many threats to dictatorships. Some are already working hard to stay in control. Are they fighting a lost battle? I certainly hope so.

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3 responses to “Twitter Going Green for Iran – Will social media help shape the future of Iran?”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Social media is a very powerful tool, and it's proving that constantly. If you have a strong reason for people to support you, social media users will be on your side, otherwise it can easily turn against you and your purpose!

    Just updated my avatar on Twitter – i'm green now :)

  2. Beiruta says:

    I am vastly astonished and highly impressed by the impact of social media on social, political, environmental and other issues and causes. Who would've thought that one day a voice will be heard across borders and boundaries of one home, one neighborhood, one country to millions of people out there?

    The thing that worries me though is that this power earned by social media could also be destructive if used inappropriately! Can you imagine the degree of harm that would result in? Scary thought!

    Great piece FadiPick!

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