15 Types of Twitter Users: Which Type Do You Think You Are?

Are Twitter users all the same to us or do we have different types of Twitter followers, regardless of their numbers and reasons for being on Twitter? What are the main types of Twitter users and what are their distinctive characteristics?

I am confident that throughout each of our offline daily experiences, we sometimes find ourselves categorizing people into different groups in order to determine how to better deal with them or not deal with them at all for that matter! When it comes to friends, different people have various categorizations of their friends depending on their personalities, behaviors, closeness, actions and common interests, this highly applies to our virtual online experiences, namely in Twitterverse.

I personally enjoy Twitter and the different personalities I encounter every day through tweets and mentions, which is the main basis for the idea behind this post!

Types of Twitter Users (organized from not annoying to very annoying!):

15. The Do-Gooders: Tweeples who put so much effort to provide their followers with valuable information, tips and advice through sharing content and links they find and retweeting valuable tweets.


The Do-Gooders

14. The Dreamers: Those are the tweeples who tweet too many motivational words and optimistic ideas to their followers on a daily basis. These tweeps make you feel as if we are living in a problem-free world and that every story ends with a happy ending.
13. The Thankful Darlings: Tweeples who focus many of their tweets and retweets around giving love and spreading smiles and thank you’s to their followers.


The Thankful Darlings

12. The Conversationalists: These tweeples will ask questions regarding different topics of interest to them, and to others, and based on the retweets they get, they will start valuable discussions with their followers.

11. The Wage-Earners: I think this category embraces a large number of Twitter users since it encompasses those employees who work as social media agents tweeting and retweeting about their company, service or brand while trying hard not to seem intrusive.


The Wage-Earners

10. The Humble Artists: Tweeples who have certain talents they are trying to promote through Twitter. Most of these tweeples put an effort to meeting new people and tweeting and retweeting different valuable content to them while spreading their talent.
9. The Friends with Benefits: Those users who could be confused as friends more than others yet they demand being retweeted in return for their “friendship”.
8. The Seductors: Mainly female tweeples who use their looks and minimum body coverage to attract more followers.
7. The Music Lovers: Mostly those tweeples who mainly tweet what song they are listening to and link to it without talking about anything else.


The Music Lovers

6. The Experts: Tweeples who make it a point to mention that they are experts in one thing or another through their biography and their tweets as well.
5. The Thoughtless Linkers: These are the Twitter users who spread numerous links which do not add value to their followers and even more cause others to unfollow them.
4. The Automators: Tweeples who use automated everything such as direct messages and tweets which in turn makes them less sincere and quite annoying.
3. The Ramblers: Those tweeples who make sure to answer the “what are you doing?” question (which we don’t always want to know the real answer to) precisely by tweeting things such as: “Taking a shower,” or “Drinking coffee” and so on.
2. The Stars: Every tweeple who has thousands of followers to following ratio and probably hire a PR agency to take care of their tweets and rare retweets. I’m sure they barely remember a maximum number of 10 of their followers’ names or the messages they supposedly send to them!
1. The Just Promoters (the most annoying Twitter users!): Those users who don’t understand that although we want to know about your new products and services, we don’t want your every tweet to be about them!


The Just Promoters

Now that we have divided Twitter users into categories, can you think of any categories I missed? Which category would you include yourself in? And which do you find to be the most annoying of all?

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21 responses to “15 Types of Twitter Users: Which Type Do You Think You Are?”

  1. 15 Types of Twitter Users: Which Type Do You Think You Are? is an excelent roundup of twitter users

  2. Beiruta says:

    I'm glad you think so :) Which type do you think you belong to?

  3. Sarah Bourne says:

    I think you've done an excellent job; I can't think of anything to add! I think I'm mostly a 15., but I have my 13., 12., and 11. moments. Not so much the others, I hope!

  4. FadiPick says:

    I really like the list! hehehe

    I am also like you Sarah, mostly a Do-Gooder, that is at least what I like to think of my tweets. I also like to be more of a conversationalist but that doesn't happen so frequent.

  5. cheth says:

    Excellent! I think I fit into #10 and #15 well that's what I think; not sure how my followers take me ;)

  6. J.K. says:

    Giving Love and spreading smiles ~can't think of a better place to be on the list. I do jump into #10 when not being a “Thankful Darling” (and thank you for thinking so!) #10 http://www.writingroom.com/Starlingpoet ~I have only this to say ~I like to help out my Twitter friends and they are always thankful back to me and say so. If anyone does not agree -then that is their right and choice that's why they created a spot to click called unfollow. Happy Twittering.

  7. 16. Social Media Rockstars: Tweeps who just get it! Well rounded connectors who make relationships happen.

    Example = @Beirut

  8. Loved the article especially because as a newbie, you have confirmed many of my opinions on the subject which I have kept to myself wondering all the while if perhaps that is what is expected of experienced tweeters. Thanks for giving me your honest perspective.

    I think I have evolved and am finding my own style of tweets. I realized that I did not have the time nor desire to read so many linked articles so I cut way down on those myself. I like to comment and engage. However, I also read a lot of what is there to offer. Nevertheless, I am sure I am just as annoying to many with my ever so positive vibe. But that's me and that's what its all about! Being yourself in your tweets is not as common but what a joy when it is.

    I would like to point the numerous rallies for followers. Please help me reach #, or let me show you how you can get #. It seems to be a numbers game for many. I look for quality and am finding it on a daily basis. In the meantime, I am learning to part with those that don't offer any at all.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. novc216 says:

    You should make this article into a quiz that links to your twitter account so everyone can see what kind of tweeple you are

  10. as usual.. i don't fit into ANY of those. i wanna be a stereotype too!

  11. Tpatricia says:

    it's nice to see someone from my home country writing such an article ….u've astonished me !!! bravo in every language….but i have a question beirut! what type of twitter users do u belong to?

  12. Faisal Asif says:

    lol cool list. Thanks for sharing!

  13. gwenmccauley says:

    Besides being a life-long sucker for a good quiz, this was fun to read. I'd consider myself a Conversationalist/Humble Artist mutt of a Tweep, with strains of Expert and echoes of Do-gooder adding some panache to my Tweets.

    Sometimes wished my mind worked differently when I read posts like this one. Thanks for the chuckle.

  14. […] user names, as simple as that! Of course, later on, one out of a few hundred would turn out to be promoters, ramblers, automoters and so on, yet the first impression is based on one of those 2 […]

  15. FUKKAD says:

    miniscule twitters ?

  16. […] just tweet rambles! In a post we published a few months back, we spoke of 15 types of Twitter users, amongst those there were 3-4 types that were in the red zone: the annoying types and ramblers were […]

  17. Krud says:

    Here are some off the top of my head:

    The Hashtag-a-long: Tweeps whose primary purpose seems to be to talk only about what's trending. Even if they don't know why. Ex: “Hey, why is 2016 trending?”

    The Trend-settler: Though they include Trending Topics in their tweet, they don't actually TALK about them. Ex: “Check out my Facebook profile! http://gim.mic/kie5t #worldhunger #Chicago #obama #beck #shesnotn2ubro”

    The Vigilantweet: Twitter-Searches for controversial words just so they can argue with you about it. Ex: “You think [insert week-old tweet about political figure]? You suck!”

    M.C. Escher: Retweets other people's retweets of what they've already retweeted. Ex: “CestMoi: RT @sk1ttledawg RT @CestMoi RT @torrentulaz – I like pie. // me 2!”

    The Cryptotweeter: Has mastered the art of verbal compression at the cost of comprehension. Ex: “if2 g 2 d str 2dy n bi sm tp asap b4 i rn wt lol ttyl”

    The Close Personal Friend: Casually chats up everyone, from spambots to President Obama. Ex: “@oprah Hey, did you catch the game yesterday? Was that messed up, or what? LOL! l8r.”

    The Heckler: Interrupts other people's tweetversations to make a joke at their expense. Ex: “Hey, @zapatoman, maybe @30turnips meant his parents' basement? ';D LOL, j/k.”

    The Stoic Typist: Never uses emoticons, acronyms, or other online verbal staples. Ex: “Thank you for the reply, sir. Your clever response was the source of notable personal mirth.”

    The NSFW Fan: Uses words and ideas that make you look around to make sure nobody read that over your shoulder. Ex: “Yeah id [bleep] that [bleep] in a [bleep]in heartbeat [bleep] it.”

    The Recovering Luddite: Is clearly tweeting from their phone, and is clearly uncomfortable with it. Ex: “oPs, ddI jiussst wteetMY Tes tr esults to evEryon”

  18. Amer Kawar says:

    The 'Vigilantweet' is so true. I notice many people arguing about… well nothing really! And the meaningless RTs are just ridiculous. I'd rather receive spam, at least I would be expecting to read non-sense!

    Thanks for the hilarious contribution, Krud :)

  19. Beiruta says:

    Most of them :) depending on the time of day and my mood :) Yet, mostly, I am a wage-earner and a humble artist :)

  20. Emma Gaywood says:

    Defo and happily a 10-14 and will of course go away and think up my own unique category just to reassure myself that I am unique :P

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