18 Top Free Twitter Content Sharing Services Based on Compete Analytics…

The days of sharing content solely via e-mail are gone, nowadays, there are newer, more advanced and faster services which allow us to share any kind of content through any social media channel we choose. But what are those services and which content sharing categories do they fall under?

After extensive research, we were able to find out 6 different content sharing categories, with top rated services as examples of each. The approach we applied was looking online for the top Twitter sharing services of photos, music, and so on, and using Compete.com to map traffic graphs and accordingly informing you only about the ones worth mentioning!

Comparing Twitpic.com, Flic.kr, Tweetphoto.com and img.ly

Comparing Twitpic.com, Flic.kr, Tweetphoto.com and img.ly

1. Photo Sharing:

  • Twitpic: is by far the most popular tool allowing users to easily post pictures to the Twitter microblogging and other character-restricted social media service. This is also one of the most popular service for Twitter in general.
  • Flickr on Twitter (flic.kr): is a Flickr2Twitter integration enabling Twitter users to share posted content on their Twitter accounts using a simple web-based sharing button or via email/mobile using a unique “2Twitter” email address. The problem with this service is that Flickr “should have allowed users to choose to auto-tweet about new batches of photos without having to select each pic individually after the fact“.
  • Tweetphoto: this service has the following unique features: allowing automatic geo-tagging of photos sent from GPS enabled phones, providing information on how many people have looked at the photos, in addition to allowing for direct commenting on those photos.

Comparing Traffic: tinysong.com, twisten.fm, song.ly, blip.fm and twt.fm

Comparing Traffic: tinysong.com, twisten.fm, song.ly, blip.fm and twt.fm

2. Music Sharing:

  • Blip.fm: Blip.fm integrates with Twitter (among other sites), and allows you to share tracks back out to your Twitter friends with one click once you have synced your accounts. It also allows you to set up a DJ channel with the world and your friends. It is worthy to mention Blip.fm is currently undergoing some changes that might lead to a less competitive position.
  • imeem.com: (my personal favorite!) apart from its slick, polished interface,  imeem’s competitive edge lies in its huge library of music to search and its search plugin. Earlier this year, imeem added a feature which allows for bringing its music to the Twitter experience.
  • twt.fm: uses OAuth to connect you to your Twitter account then recreates your Twitter page, including your background and avatar, to store your playlist of music tweets, each including a Flash-player.
Comparing Traffic: twitdoc.com, filetwt.com and filesocial.com

Comparing Traffic: twitdoc.com, filetwt.com and filesocial.com

3. File Sharing:

  • TwitDoc.com: is the highest ranking Twitter file sharing service available online. With only a few clicks, drags and drops,  you can share documents, photos, and videos on Twitter.
  • Filetwt.com: is a beta service for file sharing on Twitter. It is a basic but convenient utility for quickly sharing any file, up to 20MB, with your entire Twitter network or just a single user.
  • FileSocial.com: while the service requires no login with a Twitter account you need, however, to first give your permission to the site to access Twitter. Once you’ve granted access and entered your tweet you’ll be able
    to share
    the files you want.
Comparing Traffic: tweetube.com and twitvid.io

Comparing Traffic: tweetube.com and twitvid.io

4. Video Sharing:

  • Youtubethe twitpic of video: by adding a small feature, Youtube now allows to link your Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader accounts to Youtube and automatically send out an update as soon as you upload a new video.
  • TweeTube.com: is a Twitter tool that can help you easily post and share videos, website links, pictures, and more to your Twitter feed.
  • Twitvid.io: a new video sharing service with a goal to be “the TwitPic of video“!
Comparing Traffic: pastie.org, pastebin.ca, pastebin.com and paste2.org

Comparing Traffic: pastie.org, pastebin.ca, pastebin.com and paste2.org

5. Snippet Sharing: These services in particular were not built for Twitter specifically, but they are a great way to share a long piece of text, or mention a lengthy error message you got with a friend to help you out!

  • Pastebin.com: the most popular web application which allows its users to paste snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing.
  • Pastie.org: Pastie is for the geekier people, but is one of the most popular in this field. The site is built for simplicity. Just visit it, paste whatever you want (http://pastie.org/531895), and hit ‘Paste’. One of Pastie’s main features is that you can choose which coding language you’re pasting and it color formats automatically!
  • Pastebin.ca: another web application that allows users to upload snippets of text with a fully integrated comment system and more.
Comparing Traffic: tinyurl.com, bit.ly and ow.ly

Comparing Traffic: tinyurl.com, bit.ly and ow.ly

6. Link Sharing:

  • TinyURL.com: is the highest ranking URL shortner and analytics service available online. Allowing you to easily fir your links in the otherwise jammed 140 character Twitter messages.
  • Bit.ly: URL shortner and analytics service.”The magic behind Bit.ly are the stats that the service makes available on the underlying domains being clicked“.
  • ow.ly: in addition to URL shortening and analytics service, Ow.ly also added the social bar feature for a better sharing, linking and retweeting experience.

Finally, we’d like to have your feedback on which of the aforementioned services you use and why.

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12 responses to “18 Top Free Twitter Content Sharing Services Based on Compete Analytics…”

  1. cheth says:

    I think I almost used each one of them Well i would like to suggest http://twitsnaps.com I think they have twitter photo and video sharing.. Nice post :)

  2. Beiruta says:

    Hello cheth :) Welcome to our blog once again! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Honestly, I never tried most of these services or websites before and it was a rather difficult task to list them all especially due to the extensive research and comparisons I had to do. But all in all, I learned a lot and it was a great experience!

    Providing value to others is very essential… That is what we are trying to do constantly….

    Thank you so much for the link you provided, I'll check it out (now that I'm an expert in these things :P)

    Wishing you the best always! Catch you on Twitter :)

  3. JohnLusher says:

    Good post! I have used many of these and have bookmarked the others to try them out as well. Very well done!

  4. Beiruta says:

    You're very welcome! :) Always a pleasure to have you back here and read your comments and feedback :)

  5. Marcel says:

    you have used img.ly in the chart comparison, but didn't mention it in the list? I think it's far better than twitpic and twitphoto, given the fact that it is has a slick ui but still many unique features (ie. twitteruser tagging)

  6. Beiruta says:

    Hello Marcel.. You're right, I didn't mention it because it scored really low on the compete chart and I was trying to put the highest ranking services in each category :) I know it might have additional features but there are many services out there, as you know, so 3 of each category is good enough. No?

    Glad to see that you noticed, this means you were really focusing on the content :)

  7. audreysee says:

    I think I've only used tinyurl, and that's it.

  8. Ruhani Rabin says:

    Another nice article :) nice comparison too :)

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  10. HappySocks40 says:

    I totally LOVE this web site, you have some awesome apps and information.

    Thank You so Much !!


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