Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G: Should Social Media Be the Judge?

Is social media turning into one of the main reasons for purchasing trendy, fashionable and tech products these days? How dependent are we becoming on social media channels when it comes to purchasing decisions? Is it fair to solely depend on social media channels such as Youtube in order to decide whether to purchase a certain product or its competitor?

I somewhat feel nostalgic for the good old days when all we needed was a couple or more simple radio or TV ads in order to make purchasing decisions of either cheap or expensive products and services. Back then, things were too easy and so much less burdened with the complications of having many choices and competing ads yearning for our attention!

Yet again, at those times, we were “ignorant” customers, unaware of all the ins and outs of advertising and the tricks and games of marketing! As we stepped into the world wide web and Web 2.0 at a later stage, purchasing decisions became harder, nevertheless, more conscious!

Depending on Social Media:

After watching the Blackberry Storm vs. the iPhone 3G ad campaigns, and as I eagerly listened to Jon Rettinger’s comparison and analysis of the two products, trying to decide which device to purchase. Right then and there, it struck me: What would I have done without Youtube? How could I have made the “right” decision about this particular purchase if I didn’t have this complete analysis of the features each of those phones had?

In a way, I feel that we are growing dependent on social media in many decisions that effect us on a personal level: the money we spend, the people we meet and the things we discuss. Social media channels have not only developed into a medium for two-way interactive communication and entertainment, they are turning into influencers and some sort of decision makers!

Social Media Responsibility:

Since mass exposure through social media is the new trend, social media users, companies who utilize social media for marketing products and services and those who monitor the flow of information through social media channels have a great responsibility which should not be taken lightly!

Whether you are influencers or marketers, you should be more aware of how you use the different available social media channels and for what reason you use them as well.

Social Media Power:

Be ware! The power of social media could be overpowering to you, your product and/or your service. Allow me to share an example:

“A few weeks ago, my Macbook charger was simply ruined! I’ve had my Macbook for less than a year now and I am really careful of how I use it. I went online to try and order a new one when I was shocked to find out all these forums discussing the flawed production of all of the same Macbook charger models. That got me thinking: Maybe we should all create a social media campaign attacking Apple and demanding that we are reimbursed for the damages!”

A while back, before the age of Web 2.0, there would have been no way to find out that the damage was due to production flaw and the natural cause of action would have been to simply order another charger and pray it lasts!

Finally, I will leave you to think about the following: How biased can social media be and can this great power social media has be harnessed negatively for the benefits of larger corporations who have the ability to manipulate the social media channels they use?

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19 responses to “Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G: Should Social Media Be the Judge?”

  1. FadiPick says:

    I think that yes, you should form some kind of alliance and go after Mac in order to force them to reinburse you for the defective chargers. They shouldn't get away with it, and you shouldn't pay for their mistakes.

    In another note, I don't think that we are really dependent on social media channels, what we are really dependent on – which has been the case since ever – is the opinion of other people. We tend to value other people's opinion, social media has only opened us up for easier and faster access to others.

    and yes, people should be the judge :)

  2. hjbennett says:

    social media is an important part of the decision making process and while i could agree that large corporations could possibly spend time, money and resources poisoning consumers against their competitors I am not going to. Why waist the money slating others with no direct response?

    the decision making process is influenced by a variety of factors both on and offline. It's an empowering tool for the consumer and, used correctly can be a successful marketing tool too.

    either way…get used to it. It's here to stay :)

  3. abefro09 says:

    Look, I buy this based on need, not based on if they look cool or if advertising tells me that its what I need. Sure, my iPhone is an expensive piece of equipment and advertising is everywhere for it but it is extremely useful. I use it for personal reasons, work reasons, GPS maps etc. I bought a 3G the week it came out. I had no plans to buy it, but my contract ended that same week so I was renewing anyway and figured “what the hell”. Turned out to be the most useful purchase of my life. After the 3GS came out I realized I was a little ticked off with the speed of the phone and could use the video aspect for my job. Instead of forking over another $300 I got a free one through this site:

    It turned out to be an excellent choice. I'm not one of these people that needs to have the HOT and NEW item. The newest video game system I own is a Super Nintendo and I still use a single blade razor to shave. The iPhone and other smartphones are extremely useful in many situations and that is why I own one. It's like a laptop in my pocket.

  4. Brunul says:

    That is simply evolution. Nothing more. Just a bunch of lost souls trying to survive the monster that is “the monetary system”.

  5. Brunul says:

    All you dip sh*t that are trying to start a fight about which is the best product just shut the f*ck up. The iPhone is the BEST device sh*theads. ;-)

  6. schwabsauce says:

    research has found that items that become popular first will tend to be more popular than other items with similar appeal. by making popularity more visible sooner, social media can certainly bias the evaluation of alternatives. in other words, there are definite advantages to drawing your own conclusions before referring to the thoughts of others.

    to clarify a bit, the research to which I refer was about the popularity of songs in eight randomly-selected communities. certain songs became popular in all community, but the songs that became popular first did disproportionately well in each individual community. (I read about this in Designing for the Social Web).

    there is NOTHING wrong with trusting or liking something SIMPLY because a lot of other people do. on the contrary this is an extremely important phenomena for our generation and I think that most of us would be well off to investigate our own attitudes about this strategy and imagine more ways that we could incorporate it into our lives. it's a time saver that can enable us to accomplish real work.

    however, it would be preferable if we could better account for the sources of evaluative data, not just their numerical strength.

  7. Brunul says:

    All you dip sh*t that are trying to start a fight about which is the best product just shut the f*ck up. The iPhone is the BEST device sh*theads. ;-)

  8. Social media is obviously biased – because it's a channel for authentic opinions and reviews. However, it only grows as quickly as your network, and the network of your network (did that make sense). If the stuff we're saying about a certain product, person, event, etc. is valid, entertaining, and makes enough noise companies will definitely take notice and adjust accordingly (if they're listening to online conversations, that is). Complain to a customer service phone number, and your voice may never be heard… or matter.

    I also just wrote a case study on reviews and web presence for both the iPhone and Palm Pre for work. You may find some of the stats useful:

    Thanks for the great post!

  9. Tim Rees says:

    What struck me as I read the article and the comments is how limited the choice is. Blackberry or iPhone. I have neither. I use an Sony Ericsson mobile phone and very rarely have a use for it. It's simply in my pocket in case of emergency. If I were Sony Ericsson I would see a huge gap in the market desperate to be filled. My thoughts have wondered off to consider a world where we are discussing a choice of only two cars that any serious driver would consider buying?

    Another point that I find myself considering with the Blackberry v iPhone debate is how many users of either product use all the features available or even half the features available? Afterall, these products are sold upon their abundance of features… Sorry not to be more helpful in progressing the discussion, but I'll probably opt for another Sony Ericsson with my decision being rooted firmly in price :)

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  12. John Davis says:

    This is an interesting comparison since both Blackberry and the iPhone are so popular. But from the video it's clear to see the winner. hmmmm drum roll please the iphone! Thanks for sharing!

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  19. Murti says:

    I prefer Blackberry for bussines and Iphone for entertainment purpose

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