Reclaiming the Longest Tweet in History at 250 characters!

In May, I noticed that a person can tweet longer than 140 characters, and blogged about it. About a week ago, Brian Caulfield of Forbes wrote and published an article claiming that Forbes reporter Taylor Buley (@taylorbuley) posted a 247-characters tweet claiming it was the longest tweet ever. A few days later, Terrence O’Brien of wrote a post about the same tweet entitled “Man Claims to Have Written Longest Tweet Ever (247 Characters)”.

I would like to reclaim the longest tweet ever with the following 250-character tweet that I just posted. Can anyone beat this with a 251 character tweet?

This is the longest tweet ever at 250 characters

This is the longest tweetever at 250 characters

I’m just doing that for fun – so I’m posting this under the ‘Offbeat’ category. :) If you like this post, why don’t you follow me on Twitter @amerkawar.


Update (30 minutes after publishing): As soon as I tweeted about this, I started getting the question “How to do it?“, so, here you go:

Method 1: Load Disable Javascript, reload the page. You’ll notice that the character counter disappears. That’s it!
Method 2: A more geeky approach using Linux command line: curl -u username:pass -d “status=your long tweet…”

Update 2 (15 July): So, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) tweeted about this post a few hours ago, and it drove more than 20k visitors to our blog! Don’t forget to subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as I post the blog stats of “The Kutcher Effect“. (It’s online now here)

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  • I am jealous :P

  • That should list you in Genis book! :)

    Shouldn’t they have one for social media related topics? Like longest tweet ever, longest blog, the person with the most followers on twitter, the highest ranked blog, … etc

  • I thought about that last night but was too lazy to write it down!:) Good idea Fadi…

  • Congrats! Sweet hadn’t thought of disabling the JS, great workaround. Hmm and would definitely give the curl option a try one day, love working with the _cmd line!

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  • Sarah

    sorry you still don’t get to be first, see this article dating back to march

  • its a common thing.. it happens all the time :P

  • Sarah, @TripleM, thanks for your comments. Yup, looks like people reached 250 chars before, but not one posted a proof of it before. The longest proved tweet I’ve seen online is Forbes’s 247 chars, a week ago. They thought that their’s was the longest tweet possible – but my 250 is bigger :P

  • Sarah, the link you provided has a 180 char tweet – not 250. I just copy/pasted it over to word! :)

  • Myles

    Wait so does Twitter check on the server that the post is below 250 characters and only on the client side (JavaScript) checks 140? Because otherwise you could go higher than 250 couldn’t you? But that begs the question, why do they limit it to 250 characters on the server side instead of 140?

    Anyway, congrats.

  • Hopefully they won’t fix this glitch so I can chatter as much as I want…lol

  • Chris

    Ok, but how do you disable Javascript? :-)

  • Anonymous

    At what point (amount of characters) does it no longer qualify as a tweet, but rather an email? Or does where it posts make the difference?

  • i could EASILY beat that tweet lol TRUST ME man! seriously its NOTHIN!

  • WTF how did you make it!

  • Well done!

  • Can you fix that for others my friend? How I have defeated the word limitations I go to the source and write however long a comentary I want and then link the page to my twitter for others to read!

  • Anonymous

    See the longest portuguese language tweet ever 247 characters

  • Ok congrats. But what’s the point? The whole point of Twitter is to write up to 140 characters…

  • Chris

    What happens if a 250 character tweet is sent to a phone?

  • Although i couldn’t break the 250 character tweet, i posted a 250 character tweet myself :) Fun :p

  • Anonymous

    I tried it on explorer first and it wouldn’t let me even use the site that way. then I tried it on firefox and that seemed to work because it got rid of the 140 character countdown but when I posted the 250 character tweet it was cut down to 140 characters. Weird.

  • Anonymous

    thats happens also often to me when i start a new project in the database i give some more space than i give finaly for the input itself… dont know maybe a coder tick :) .. always trying to prepared whats coming next :) (and finaly everything change, but not that what you thought about.. haha :)

  • rebekahbeatrice

    I just tried this and when I went to I got a prompt telling me I can't use the site with javascript disabled on my browser. Did they catch on and fix the glitch or what?

  • If they did it happened just now because i posted that tweet 14 minutes ago.
    what browser do you use? I use Mozilla

  • ifeellessalone

    Grr, I trying disabling JavaScript, but when I logged into Twitter, it only said that I had to have JavaScript enabled on my browser to use the website. FAIL!

  • Some of you are getting the “JS must be enabled message”. This works for me: with Javascript ON, login to, and go to the home page. Disable JS. Then reload. Viola!

  • Jennie

    i beg to differ. i made a tweet that was about 1320 characters. so HA!

  • Did you limit yourself to 251 words so that the tweet would still be what a tweet is supposed to be – one succinct idea or message?

    It seems like telling people how to do it is going to result in pointless pranky long tweets. A 14 year old can type 'GAY' 83 times in 250 characters, but why stop there?

  • ffjewelry on twitter

    I just made a 244 character tweet, unless I counted wrong. LOL Everything starts to look jumbled after a while without the glasses on. Close, but not a record breaker. ffjewelry on twitter

  • Tpatricia

    why would someone tweet 250 characters !!! 140 are more than enough!

  • jseals75

    They are tweets meaning little statements not meant for long statements. Always gotta be 1 to mess things up!!!

  • Dan

    So I've tried Method 1 in both IE and Firefox… and the 140 char. limit still rears it's ugly head. Have they maybe fixed this?

  • yeah i once went past 140 characters using cURL. never thought about disabling JavaScript part. Thanks for the idea. Will give it a go.

  • xx

    Huh? Is there something special about 250?

  • Sue

    The thing is, it's 140 characters only because you're not suppose to say much. Just answer, “What are you doing?” It gets a little boring to read if it's too long. Easier to scheme through with just short sentences to read. Simpler to understand also maybe.

  • Keith

    It's 140 characters because twitter was designed to work through SMS on phones, which is limited to 140 characters in length (or 160, but that includes originating telephone number).

    There's nothing magic about 250 characters, but there is something magic about 255 characters on computers. 255 is the highest number a computer can represent in one byte of memory (0xff in hexadecimal). 250 characters *may* be a “magic” number in whatever database format/backend twitter uses.

  • Elaine

    thats awesome! THANKS

  • A 251 character tweet cannot be done, because the last 5 characters are reserved..
    But congrats on the 250 character tweet, i did my first one 4 months ago..but could only find this one..

  • i think this is rather silly. the neat thing about twitter is being able to try to squeeze as many charatures into a tweet w/o going over the 140. props for that person who made the record, but i still think its whatever.

  • It gets truncated to 136 + ellipsis. You can view the full tweet online.

  • This is perfect for Re-Tweeting Tweets of 140 characters and adding your own message.

  • This is perfect for Re-Tweeting Tweets of 140 characters and adding your own message.

  • so do i.

  • Thats a cool trick, well me too have got long tweep but it is 246 character long, will try 251 some day

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  • When it becomes a honk (longer than 250 characters). Kind of like the equivalent of ‘goosing’ the reader into reading something longer than normal. Usually dealing with pressing social issues, political elections, and Party Invites. The latter being my favorite!

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