Did Your Twitter Tweet Count Suddenly Drop? Twitter Bug?

I was chatting earlier on with Beirut (@beiruta) and she was complaining that her Twitter profile shows that she has only tweeted 850 updates, while just a few days ago it was showing more than 5000 tweets. Using Google’s cached results, I confirmed that, and by that time, Beirut had a few more people complaining about the same issue.

The Twitter Number of Updates Bug - comparing current vs. Google cached profiles

The Twitter Number of Updates Bug - comparing current vs. Google cached profiles

So far, comparing cached Google results versus current results, the following Twitter users replied to @beiruta’s inquiry and are facing the same issue at the time of writing:

  1. @arleigh, dropped 21,000 tweets from a cached count (13 Aug 2009 02:38:44 GMT) of 21,819 to 1,090 tweets!
  2. @MoGeezie, had an outstanding 15,894 tweets via cached results (10 Aug 2009 10:01:52 GMT) and now showing only 3,824 tweets – a drop of 12,000 tweets!
  3. @beiruta, Beirut A.H., now showing 850 updates, while a Google cache page dated “10 Aug 2009 23:43:01 GMT” shows 5,662 tweets. A 4,812 drop.
  4. @togetherwf, Susan Smith, dropped 4,358 tweets from 4,744 tweets showing via Google cache (13 Aug 2009 03:19:08 GMT) to 386 currently showing.
  5. @memachel, Michelle Brooks, is now displaying with a count of 10,880 tweets, while the cached copy (12 Aug 2009 04:42:53 GMT) has her at 11,473 – a drop of 593 tweets.
  6. @wallybock, Wally Bock, now showing 6,322 updates, while the cached page on “13 Aug 2009 18:07:02 GMT” shows 6,721. Dropping 399 tweets.

So far @arleigh seems to have the biggest *proven* drop at 21k! Did your tweet count drop?

Is this yet another Twitter bug, just like the tweeting up to 250 characters bug?

I asked Beirut (@beiruta) why that drop made her frown, and she replied…

Beirut’s response…

Let me tell you why I think this sucks!

I’ve been a Twitter user for almost 6 months now, working hard, every single day and even on vacations, to create and share valuable, “retweetable” tweets and status updates for all my followers to enjoy and benefit from. When I suddenly found out that the number of my status updates fell dramatically with no reason, prior notice or even an apology, here is what crossed my mind:

  • Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites; how could such a supposedly well-maintained site allow for such a mistake? I mean seriously, I feel that all the effort I made all those months has vanished through thin air!
  • Many people would not want to follow me now: I am losing the possibility of people adding me, as we speak, due to this mistake that shouldn’t have happened in the beginning! Who will get those people for me again? Those who will think I am inactive and would not want to add me? Will Twitter make it up for me? I highly doubt it!
  • Many tweeps will probably unfollow me as well! I, myself, use Tweepi.com to unfollow inactive users and now I seem to be one of them unfairly! If someone decides to look over my profile or the number of my tweets, they will be disappointed to find them relatively low as compared to the number of my followers and those I’m following!
  • Is it true that free is always not good enough? I mean we all know that Twitter is a free service, does that mean we have to suffer? Aren’t they profiting from our free usage anyways? We, the people using Twitter, are who made it what it is. Is this how we are repaid? Do I have to go to the blog to find out that the updates are not lost, as they claim?

Finally, I think corrective measure should be taken and they should be taken now! In Twitter I trust (or maybe not so anymore!)

Finally, did your tweet count drop?

If your number of updates count dropped too, sign your name below and how much you dropped, maybe Twitter will notice and fix it ASAP!

Updated with screen shots of the Google cached pages – as Google cache gets updated continuously.

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88 responses to “Did Your Twitter Tweet Count Suddenly Drop? Twitter Bug?”

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  2. ktreid says:

    I lost about 11k tweets just about an hour ago. :(

  3. @PJ_2012 i hagd 3,212 now i have 2,212

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  5. nettta says:

    I lost about 5000 tweets and i want them back :(

  6. I lost about 2000 tweets today, and I'm so damn angry! Things like this shouldn't be possible! It's like ripping of 100 pages from someone's diary >< Twitter should improve this and give us back our tweets.

  7. Rulesbabe2002 says:

    my username is steph_neverson
    my tweet count yesterday was 10,045 but this morning i woke up it was 838 can u fix this asap i dont like it

  8. alexlent says:

    This just happened to me today, so the problem does not seem to have been solved.

  9. NIKIE says:


  10. i had 15,960 . & i currently have 960. @yOmamabtch

  11. Riverdaleboy04 says:

    I had 8,923 tweets and now im at 1,193. This is maddness im almost at 3oo followers ima be so pissed if i lose followers

  12. Britt Maye says:

    I had 1400+ tweets and now im down to only 852 @qvanity

  13. Asidreeves says:

    Lost about 5000 tweets between yesterday & today. Is there a way to get them back?

  14. I'm not about to scroll down to 800-something Tweets to see if the remaining 2,500 Tweets have actually disappeared; I just don't have that sort of time, but it does suck to think that some of the funny memories I posted and links and stuff from my blog and photography might actually be gone… I posted them for a reason. Twitter was like my time capsule. :

  15. Macsleuth says:

    I've lost almost 2200 tweets.

  16. tudimist says:

    I dropped about 1000 tweets!! :(
    I want them back!!!

  17. Ren says:

    I had over 4,000 tweets and it dropped to about 950 tweets

  18. Mel Tuttle says:

    On May 28, I had over 15000 tweets and now I have 950some. NOT COOL!

  19. Mel Tuttle says:

    On May 28th, I had over 15000 tweets and now I have 950some. Not cool!

  20. Yamada-love says:

    On June 16th, I hade about 3250~ tweets and as of recently, it dropped to about 950. This problem is ridiculous, as it happened to me before.

  21. Beiruta says:

    Apparently, this happened to me again! I don’t know why and I don’t know how but I think it’s both unfair and ridiculous! I hope this gets solved quickly for all of us!

  22. Ali2wwe says:

    username : ali_freestyler

    My tweet counter lost count, i suppose to have approx 5300 tweet on jun 17 2010 but i only have 800 tweet. Can twitter do anything about it? Thanks

  23. Jiayingxoxo says:

    My twitter dropped 6000+ to like 0???? Which is like omg. I hope that you could help me fix it. I'm now trying to tweet more now. Please help me @Jiayingxoxo.

  24. naisegirl says:

    11000k + to 20. WHAT IS THIS?!

  25. I lost 2985 tweets. Not as many as some people here but my total tweet count dropped to 15!! Who is going to respect my opinion now??? Expecially as a social media consultant…

  26. […] out I am not the only one this has happened to so if you have had an experience like this comment about it here and maybe twitter will wake up and […]

  27. Beiruta says:

    They disappeared again! What the hell is going on with Twitterrrrr!?

  28. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.

  29. Thaentertainer says:

    I was at 89,000 tweets and i was brought back down to zero @thaentertainer

  30. KatieKrunk says:

    I'm pretty pissed. I had many humorous tweets and retweets of others. I was approaching 4,000, and now fucking 119! WHAT THE FUCK?!

  31. Amy Miller says:

    I was getting close to 5000 and suddenly I was down to 40.

  32. cupcakexlindsay says:

    D: i had over 3 thousand now I only have 3 hundred

  33. Aivieandres2010 says:

    mine dropped too >< this sucks

  34. Chivas61090 says:

    my tweets dropped from 4,200 to 700! can u please fix this??

  35. Jaime cisneros says:

    Okay, my twitter name is @Jaimeeeee_ & I’ve lost 6000 tweets i want them back can you tell me how to get them back please

  36. I don’t think you [author] will read this, but I’ll react anyway. As I and my followers had this too and it seemed temporarily (and I also checked reactions here who have it back), I can point out the problem. It’s got to do with Twitters server caching. Just like on Facebook where updates, reactions and even entire groups memberships / page access are lost for a short period of time (second, minutes, hours).

    Meaning their caching or connection fucks up big time, it’s not gone, it’s just not showing. If 500 tweets aren’t showing now, they will again in 8 hours.

  37. arleigh says:

    they still haven’t fixed mine yet.

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