Is TrueTwit up to the Task of Reducing Twitter Spam? I don’t think so!

Spam on Twitter is an obvious and growing problem. I mean, many of the tweets in my stream are about “how to make money on Twitter” or some loser trying to sell an eBook. Don’t even get me started on auto-DMs – especially when I tried getting notifications on my mobile! I don’t want to check your Facebook profile, I am not interested in voting for whatever you want me to vote up and I do not want to know about what new porno movies you have on your disgusting website!

Yes, Twitter spam is getting on my nerves and might be a deal breaker unless Twitter does something about it. attempts to solve the problem of Twitter spam - I don't think so! Nice interface but not a solution to Twitter's spam problem!

What’s spam on Twitter?

Hmm, I think you already have a bunch of examples pop into your mind. It’s not only the annoying list I mentioned above, but also Twitter bots, numerous fake Twitter accounts as well as spammers trying to use trending topics to gain exposure. I am sure there is more, but these are the examples off the top of my head right now.

There are many tools attempting to solve this issue, but recently, I ran into and tested out, and I was not too impressed by the logic behind it. Here is why…

TrueTwit: A new attempt to stop Twitter spam – NOT going to work!

I’m not trying to be hard on the folks behind TrueTwit, but I really do not believe that they have the solution for spam. Actually, I do not think they even have a part of it! I like the UI design of TrueTwit and the fact that they’re using OAuth, but:

  1. Why would I want to verify people that follow me? I want to verify people whom I follow and see their tweets in my time line! Really, this is a major flaw – TrueTwit team, please explain the logic behind that. I believe you are solving a problem that does not need to be solved!
  2. Spammers can be human. I actually believe that most spammers are humans – and the non-humans are being suspended by Twitter.
  3. Bots are owned by humans, whom are able to punch in the CAPTCHA and register their bot as legit. The easiest system to crack with a one time interaction. No?
  4. People do not trust external links, which might lead to loss of potential followers.
  5. If a user is just a little popular, this means that he/she will get so many emails per day from TrueTwit, that might be even more annoying than spam.
  6. CAPTCHA tests are not that secure, although it might give spammers a harder time creating their bots.

Bottom line…

Just my 2 cents. The important topic here is how to stop Twitter spam? Should Twitter implement an internal reporting system and take the load of detecting spammers off our shoulders? Would this even work? I might consider a tweep advertising a “Twitter tips” ebook spam, while others would find it useful.

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6 responses to “Is TrueTwit up to the Task of Reducing Twitter Spam? I don’t think so!”

  1. FadiPick says:

    You make some really good points. Why would I verify people who follow me? yes indeed! I don't need that. For me, what I really like to see is a way to show the longer URL of links over twitter before clicking on them. I really hope they would implement it in a way or another.

  2. Amer Kawar says:

    The long URL feature is already implemented at, and if you want a universal URL expander you can try “Long URL Please” add-on for Firefox :)

  3. I share with you the same opinion. Yesterday, I'd like to follow somebody and immediately I received the automatic msg to validate my page.I refused myself to do that. If it was coming by Twitter, ok.
    I recommend people who is doing that, just inform us in their profile.
    Sorry about any english mistake. My native language is portuguese.

  4. Steve_Dodd says:

    I fully agree. Twitter must implement a spam detection process as well as a virus detection process. The industry had to do the same thing for email, this is no different. The difference is that there is only one channel of distribution (ie: the Twitter platform) so solving the issue is much easier. Validating users through techniques like CAPTCHA doesn't solve the issue. Besides, CAPTCHA was cracked long ago. Its use will not prevent anyone who wants to intentionally do harm. It only serves to annoy those who don't.

  5. P.K.ARUN says:

    I hate truetwit because it is forcing users to send DM. I don't like it.

  6. Freakin' Einstein says:

    Twitter should consider something like what WordPress is using: Akismet. It works well and saves a ton of time and work.

    Captcha is like a speed bump. The one guy in a million who wants to haul ass right over it is going to do so regardless. The rest of us are forced to spill our coffee in our laps even as we obey the speed limit…Not cool.

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