New Ways of Sharing, Using FriendFeed & Diigo…

Like I always say “sharing is caring” and what better thing to share than your “great” findings and conversations on the web? Isn’t it wonderful to experience a less constipated mailbox not spammed by your friends’ links and jokes? While we all have become quite familiar with social networking and bookmarking tools such as Delicious and StumbleUpon the following services just kick it up a notch!


FriendFeed is a service that makes it easy to share with friends online. It offers a fun and interactive way to discover and discuss information among friends.”


This is like your Facebook news feed, except bigger, better and searchable. You add a bunch of your disparate accounts on social networking diaspora, blogs, and internet presence and receive all your updates in one big news feed.

Why should I sign up?

  • Friend lists Group your friends together so that you minimize the clutter, further customize this view by hiding or unhiding certain elements such Hide all Twitter updates from certain users. This can be really helpful especially with services that lack or have a non existent filtering, yes I’m looking at you Twitter.
  • Groups – Are you interested in following a certain topic or allowing others to do so? Creating a group can be a powerful tool to siphon the discussions into a single stream. This is one of the most popular features since it allows you to let people recommend stuff you are interested in, it’s like that really cool friend that keeps on recommending the right stuff to you all the time… almost.
  • Advanced /Saved searches – Do you want to check out what others have said about Twitter in the past 24 hours on all of your services in 1-click? Made by 4 ex-Googlers you would expect exceptional search capabilities and FriendFeed will meet your expectations. Tweak your searches by defining which users or groups to search, on a certain service, or how liked or commented on the item is. It’s Twitter’s saved searches without the limitations, like not being able to search for a tweet that is older than 14 days, and with much space for tweaking your searches.

Why you shouldn’t bother with it?

After signing on to be another piece into the Frankenstein that is Facebook, it might not have long to live, but that helped highlight the use of other similar services such as Streamy. That should not discourage you from using the service and getting familiar with it, especially if you are a Facebook user. After all there is a very high chance that FriendFeed will be the next FaceBook news feed.


If you browse or read a lot on the web, we believe you will find Diigo indispensable. Diigo is two services in one — it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other.”


– You know how StumbleUpon is all play and no work and is just a very dull dull boy? Well here comes Diigo, a really easy way to just highlight and nitpick from the web. Making it an indispensable research and information collaboration tool.

Why should I sign up?

  • Highlight – Have you ever done research on a topic and you just wanted to highlight a certain passage or paragraph for later use? Or did you just wanted to save that little flash video from a webpage and share it with others? Now you can just do so and just focus on what’s important.
  • Sticky NotesWe all use sticky notes in one way or another. Have you opened your mothers cookbook, where she just adds a little secret ingredient step on sticky notes attached to that blueberry pancake recipe? You can do exactly the same thing now on the web and share it with your family and friends or create just a private commenting section on a blog. You can even export a page with all the highlights and sticky notes to someone who isn’t on Diigo through an annotated link like this. You can also tweet that link from the toolbar as well.
  • Lists and Annotations – Did you ever get boggled down by how irrelevant some of the results are when you click on a tag in delicious? Lists on Diigo are hand-picked topic specific bookmarks with the advantage of inline excerpts and comments that are always a good place to start your research in.

Why you shouldn’t bother with it?

To get the most out of Diigo, you need to install the toolbar making your browser even more cultured and sometimes websites that have a lot of public highlights and notes can get confusing and spam your screen. Although lets face it we can do away with toolbar or two on our browser, you know one of those messenger toolbars perhaps, and you can also customize or hide your toolbar as you see fit. As for the clutter of notes, you can just wish them away with a couple of clicks.


It would be really nice to connect with you on Diigo and FriendFeed and share the web. Do you use FriendFeed or Diigo? What do you use them for? What do you think will change with FriendFeed now that they were bought by Facebook?

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4 responses to “New Ways of Sharing, Using FriendFeed & Diigo…”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Never heard of Diigo before now… I really am very interested in its options, especially the option to save a highlighted text! Seems like a very useful and easy to use bookmarking service! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Seika says:

    I used FriendFeed. Heard of Diigo, but never sure what kind of service it is. Some kind of online scrapbook ?

    I think, FriendFeed is more than Delicious or StumbleUpon which shares bookmark from the web. FriendFeed gather your online activities and ideas, like blog posts, reviews, comments, favourites.

    About FriendFeed in process of assimilation by Facebook, had to say I'm surprised with the two updates recently. But how long will that last ? I'll hate it if FriendFeed is left to rot, or become a service where I had to spam peoples to join.

  3. FadiPick says:

    I like the highligh text feature of Diigo, I should check it out sometime soon. To be honest with you it is the first time I hear about it, I wonder how popular it is? I haven't also used friendfeed before, it is hard to cope with everything out there on the net, but maybe now I can use it if they integrate it with facebook, it would be cool to be able to search my friends feeds. I look forward for that.

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