14 Funny Twittering Gadgets from The Future (a fun post)

tweet tweet!

tweet tweet!

It was both fun and interesting to research and write down a list of the current available twittering objects, appliances and animals. Some of them had us impressed (very impressed!), others made us laugh, while some made us wonder: how would our future be like when other objects ride the wave and carry on the trend of non-human twittering?

So, here at Thoughtpick, we decided to come together, sit down and let our wide imagination run loose  in order to come up with a list of what we think would be funny future Twitter gadgets. We urge you to keep reading this post and prepare yourself for a good laugh! Don’t forget to share with us any funny thoughts you might have :)

1. Tweeting Toilet:

Tweeting Toilet!!

Tweeting Toilet!!

It can sure be useful for medical diagnosis but it can also be fun tracking other people’s delivering *habits*! It will track duration and weight of… delivery – for the lack of a better term –

@DiaherraX  just had a 6 minute 20 seconds long dump, weighing 316 grams!

@DumpTracker (no offense @TrendTracker) would also  keep score of today’s heaviest dump!

@DumpTracker: And today’s biggest dump was by @ILoveBurgerKing at 1.2 kg

2. Tweeting Bar Coaster:

A tweeting bar coaster?

A tweeting bar coaster?

How many of you ended up wasted after drinking a little too much in a nearby bar? Okay, okay, not many :P, but how useful would it be if there was *something* that can track our sips and call out for help!

@barcaoster: @DrunkX drank 500 sips at Mclaren’s bar, he must be wasted – come pick him up!

3. Tweeting Sneakers:

Shoe producers should jump in and push for this to happen! They can have free advertising and they can gloat about how much their products can endure. I am sure that athletes are up to the challenge.

@AthleteXSneaker: Fwet, @AthleteX walked more than 10 miles today. His feet must be killing him!

4. Bitching Fridge:

Bitching fridge?

Bitching fridge?

You won’t admit that you can’t really control your appetite? Right? You think that you can sneak in at night and take whatever you want from the fridge without anyone noticing? Think again, your bitching fridge won’t let you get away this time!

@BitchingFridge: @fadipick just opened the fridge and ate a BLT sandwich! It’s 3am… watch it mate!

Or maybe it can keep track of what is missing and what is not.

@BitchingFridge: @fadipick buy tomatoes for God sakes, we’re out since more than a week!”

5. Tweeting Bed:

You have doubts about your wife’s loyalty and can’t trust anyone to tell you the truth? Maybe then you can trust your own twittering bed! Evil? Yes, we know!

@LoveBirdsBed: @dumbhusband hmmm, you’re at work but there are 2 people in your bed!”

6. Tweeting School Books:

Students will no longer get away for not sustaining a high score average by claiming that they did study: their books will track and report it to both their teachers and their parents. Kids, be aware!

@HistorySchoolBook: @LazyKid did not read the WWII lesson today. @ToughTeacher, you know what to do…”

7. Tweeting Underwear:

It can be either naughty or disgusting or maybe both! We’ll leave the examples for your vivid imagination ;). What would @NaughtyUnderwear tweet about?

8. Tweeting Couch:

Twittering couch??

Twittering couch??

You wonder why your neighbor keeps on gaining weight? Now his couch will just give you the logical explanation!

@ComfortableCouch: @LazyNeighbour has been watching TV for the past 4 hours… get him a life!

9. Tweeting Credit Card:

This credit card will log every single transaction you do. It can be useful for husbands who want to keep track of their shopaholic wife’s expenditure – shopaholics be aware!

@MyWifeCreditCard: @CrazyWife has just bought 1500$  LV bag, 600$ Prada sandal, and a 200$ Gucci sunglasses – Wednesday 9/9/2009 5:00 PM

10. Tweeting Closet:

You think that your closet won’t bother your “can’t take a decision of what to wear” each morning? Think again. Future closets would complain and tell the word how messy you are.

@FedUpCloset: It is morning’s nightmare! AGAIN @beiruta messed up all clothes trying to figure out what to wear for work!”

11. Tweeting Home Door:

There is no need to argue with your partner about what time did you get back home last night, your door will just log it and send it to Twitter.

@HomeDoorLog: @LiarHusband entered the house 3:14 am

@LiarHusband: I came back around 12:00 pm yesterday
@AngryWife: really? so when exactly did our door start lying?

12. Tweeting Phone:

You want to know every single person your partner talks to via phone? Instead of waiting till the end of the month for the complete list from the service provider, you can just have his/her phone tweet the number of whomever he/she is talking to.

@PhoneLog: @LiarWife is talking to @NewBF – Saturday 4:45 pm

@AngryHusband: Who were you talking to?
@LiarWife: My mom!
@AngryHusband: Liar!

13. Tweeting Mirror:

Have you ever dreamed of owning a mirror like the one  Snow White’s mother-in-law owned? Be careful, your wish may come true with this mirror which won”t only tell you how gorgeous you look each day but also report that to the whole world (among many other things).

@MyLovelyMirror: @amerkawar has looked at himself in the mirror 30 times today – Vanity level 96%”!

I am sure @beiruta will RT this one!

14. Tweeting Broom:

Tweeting Broom

Tweeting Broom

People always amaze me with their creative – and sometime  weird – ideas. Soon we will also have a new improved way to monitor the house help with this tweeting broom!

@DirtBroom: Just finished cleaning the floor of the sitting room… what a mess!

Wild Imagination?

We do really wonder how our future will be like with more and more twittering non-humans? We said that we let our imagination run wild, but in reality and with the available technology at hand, it is so possible to implement many from what we have in the list. We did this for fun, but we are sure that there are people out there who are working on making good use of non-human twittering. We know a little of what to expect!

What do you think of our list? Did we succeed in putting a smile on your face? Did we inspire you to think of other twittering non-humans that can be funny?

Please feel to share your ideas and insights with us in the comment section.

Note: Thanks to Fadi for writing up our brainstormed ideas.

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5 responses to “14 Funny Twittering Gadgets from The Future (a fun post)”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I love the tweeting underwear idea and the tweeting toilet the most!!!

    I also like the tweeting mirror so I can tease @Amerkawar :)

    @MyLovelyMirror: @amerkawar has looked at himself in the mirror 30 times today – Vanity level 96%”!

  2. Jim Crabb says:

    ah worked a ten hour day and this put a smile on my face…thanks! I'd like a twittering mouse that would just say don't do that…(have a habit of clicking before I think…and then end up having a lot of time thinking about; “How'd I do that?” or “do I really have to reboot?”…anyway fun is good…

  3. what about: @MyWifeFacebookAccount Words “Love”, “Bed” and “Tonight” detected in a outgoing message not for you :-)

  4. hugo258 says:

    Developers are really funny imagination
    funny post =D

    SEO in France

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