21 Twittering Objects, Appliances and Animals! Ridiculous or Useful?

TwitterBirdsWhen Facebook first introduced status updates, it was interesting reading the continuous updates of people in my friends list. Different people used it in different ways; most used it to inform others about their current status, but some took it too far and were – ridiculously – reporting nearly every single action they do. Then Twitter appeared with the question “What are you doing?”, and took the obsession of status updates to a whole new level. Today, not only people report what they do, but also objects, appliances and even animals do as well!

We looked around the Web for non-human twitterers beside the commonly known news (and spam) bots and brought you the following list – some ridiculous and some useful:

1. Tweeting Plant:

You don’t have to worry – anymore – about knowing when your plant is thirsty and in need of water, it will tell you by itself! @Pothos is a tweeting plant that sends status updates to Twitter and defines a new way of communication between plants and human beings!

@pothos - The tweeting plant

@pothos - The tweeting plant

2. Tweeting Toilet:

Yes! Your toilet can post to Twitter every flush – that is if you want the world to know about it -!  Follow @hacklabtoilet for this guy’s toilet updates!

The tweeting toilet!

The tweeting toilet!

3. Tweeting Office Chair:

This @OfficeChair tweets whenever it detects “natural gas” such as that produced by human flatulence ( trying to be professional ;) ). Its inventor claims that this is a part of his commitment to accurately document and share his life as it happens! I, personally, would rather skip that part when documenting my own life!

Office Chair detecting people's farts!

Office Chair detecting people's farts!

4. Babies Tweeting from the Womb:

Well, actually it is a device that contains vibration sensors and is strapped over a pregnant woman’s belly to detect each kick and then send it to Twitter. Basically babies can start tweeting from their mother’s wombs before they even take the first breath of fresh air! You can get more info about the device through its Twitter account: @kickbee

5. Tweeting Heart Beats:

It is a device that tracks your heart beats and post them to Twitter so that people know that you are still alive. But what happens when Twitter goes down – as it usually does -? People freak out!

Japanese gadget tweets your heart rate

Japanese gadget tweets your heart rate

6. Tweeting Bakery:

Yummy! What is better than fresh baguettes, tin loaves and date and pecan bread just out of the oven? That is the type of messages you would expect to read on Twitter from @AlbionsOven. Albion Cafe, located in London, is the first cafe to install the BakerTweet device, which is a device that’s meant to help busy bakers by telling the world that something hot and fresh has just come out of the oven.

I want one!

I want one!

7. Tweeting Toaster:

Hans Scharler enjoys letting people know that he is toasting at home! He invented this tweeting toaster (@MyToaster) which now enjoys more Twitter followers than he does!

Tweeting Toaster (@mytoaster)

Tweeting Toaster (@mytoaster)

8. Tweeter Popcorn Robot:

It is as simple as this, send a tweet to your Twitter Popcorn Robot before you leave your work and enjoy it when you get home, all ready to be served! Follow the updates of its brilliant inventor here (@robedorobotics)

9. Tweeting Remote Control:

IBM is creating a new remote control that tweets your TV watching automatically! So in a few months you will be able to let your friends know what you are watching instantly and without interrupting your favorite shows.

10. Home Light Switches Twitter Reader:

Not only your popcorn robot can read your tweets and act accordingly, but your home light switches can as well. Today you can switch you home lights off/on remotely through your Twitter account. I just hope that your neighbors won’t freak out and claim that your house is haunted by ghosts!

11. Tweeting House:

The house of Andy Stanford-Clarke (@andy_house) located on the south coast of the Isle of Wight tweets about the status of many of its resources including its bathrooms heater, its gym temperature, its doors and water consumption!  I like that!

12. Tweeting Power Usage Detector:

Are you looking for a way to limit your house power consumption? There is no better way to do so than letting each room of your house report its own power consumption, right? And yes, you can do that now! Tweet-a-watt (@tweetawatt) is the device that does that, it can tweet the status of your power usage for every single room in your house.

13. Tweeting Washing Machine:

We all forget our laundry in our washing machines, don’t we? You don’t have to worry anymore, today, you can enjoy reading your friend’s tweets knowing that your washing machine will send you a tweet (see @PiMPY3WASH) when it is done. Check out how it works on Vimeo.

@pimpy3wash tweeting washing machine!

@pimpy3wash tweeting washing machine!

14. Tweeting Cat Door/Tracker:

Do you want to monitor your pet’s activity? You can do that now using this device that logs the entrance and exit of your pets activity and send it to twitter (see @bobbinandtuffin)! Wonderful, isn’t it?

RFID Tweeting Cat Door

RFID Tweeting Cat Door

15. Tweeting Bridge:

London’s Tower Bridge is the first bridge on this planet that informs people when it is going to open and when it is going to close via Twitter. Twitter makes bridges talk! How awesome is that?! If you happen to ship in London’s River Thames and want to check when the Tower will open before it does, then follow its Twitter updates here: @towerbridge. I’m sure there is a more reliable system though!

16. Tweeting Telescope:

For over 50 years the giant Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank has been a well-known feature of the Cheshire landscape and an internationally renowned landmark in the world of astronomy. Today, it has the ability to talk to us via Twitter (@LovellTelescope) and tell us where exactly it is pointing to in space.

Lovell Telescope tweets the area it points to

Lovell Telescope tweets the area it points to

17. Tweeting Cars:

Did you watch 7 pounds for Will Smith? It’s a great movie that is built on the idea of how risky it is to write a text message while driving. ATX Group came up with a solution by inventing a device that is capable of taking your words and sending your message without you having to type anything. So, basically, you can now tweet while you are driving!

18. Tweeting Sonar Distance Buzzer:

Joshua McGinnis has invented a device that can detect his distance from his laptop and send it to Twitter (@hereandaway). It may sound useless now, but I am sure that others can find different ways to implement it in useful applications.

@hereandaway tweet's Josh's distance from the PC

@hereandaway tweet's Josh's distance from the PC

19. Matt’s Office:

Matthew Morey came up with a two way communication system between his devices via Twitter. He can retrieve information about the status of different devices in his office and at the same time send them Twitter commands to take actions! You can follow his flow of tweets on @MattsOffice. Impressive, isn’t it?

20. Tweeting Beer Robot – Wired.com’s Kegerator:

As it sounds, a robot that serves beers and tweets about it (@beerrobot)!

21. Teddy Bear Twitter Reader:

This can be romantic; send your tweets to your girlfriend’s teddy bear, and it will reads it to her! You need to be quite the geek too :)

What’s next?

There is no limit to the human imagination. I am sure that in no time many objects will get carried on the wave and start tweeting. We are working on a funny post about *expected* upcoming twittering objects. Subscribe to our RSS feeds and stay tuned for a good laugh :)

Today, objects do really talk! What do you think of these twittering objects? Ridiculous or Useful?

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19 responses to “21 Twittering Objects, Appliances and Animals! Ridiculous or Useful?”

  1. nika marie says:

    NOOOOOO! so useless!

  2. Beiruta says:

    LOL! Baby tweeting from the womb!!! Funny!

  3. Margo Rose says:

    I loved this so much I actually posted it to my facebook page. Most of my 548 friends don't tweet. But then again, they're losers. I'm going to retweet this. Props for a great job.

  4. John Burik says:

    Looks to me as if *some* folks have way too much time on their hands.

  5. FadiPick says:

    I find it kind of innovating! I would want to be able to ask for popcorn before arriving home so that it would be ready when I get in :P

  6. FadiPick says:

    Noooo… I prefer twitter… it is more cost effective, and easier :P

  7. Amer Kawar says:

    LOL… Your next article can be “Twitter Popcorn machine vs. a wife!” :P

  8. Faisal Asif says:

    Hilarious! Totally! LOL!

  9. Well that was Hilarious! but i really do not know if can be useful or a waste of time … it depends on the idea first …

  10. […] was both fun and interesting to research and write down a list of the current available twittering objects, appliances and animals. Some of them had us impressed (very impressed!), others made us laugh, while some made us wonder: […]

  11. pThomas says:

    Oh this is funny, to be young have free time and a soder gun handy. At least it's teaching tweeters a little basic electronics.

  12. Jack says:

    That's cool!

  13. sorry but I really don't like twitter and the boom around it.

  14. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!

  15. Interesting article and nice blog you have too!

  16. Beiruta says:

    Hope you are still tuned :)

  17. Beiruta says:

    I can understand :)

  18. Sometimes people are layered like that. There's something totally different underneath than what's on the surface. But sometimes, there's a third, even deeper level, and that one is the same as the top surface one. Like with pie.

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