Yahoo! “to Take on Twitter”: Beyond Far-fetched!

Yahoo meme

Yahoo! Meme

Is it really “wise” to try to take on well-established services or platforms by imitating them? Does the fact that a company has a high market share in a certain field automatically translate into its a guaranteed success in other fields? What is happening to product/service specialization? And why is everyone is trying to be a jack of all trades?

Tapping into my thoughts…

Meme T-Shirt!

Meme T-Shirt!

Most of the aforementioned questions have no definite, “right” or “wrong” answers but through experience, knowledge and certain statistics followed by predictions, one could deduce some logical answers or arguments.

Long before micro-blogging tightened its Tetris-like grasp around the throats of our blogs many of us frittered away more than one RSS feed on things known as memes.”

As I read “Yahoo! to take on Twitter“, I immediately thought: Is Yahoo! serious about this? Is it really offering a Twitter-clone service – Meme – to compete with Twitter? This is just not going to happen, meme will miserably fail, eventually at least!

The Why’s and How’s…

Apart from the fact that “Meme seems to lack in its features and in potential to surpass its competitors” and that “the company has a spotty record with Mash and SpotM“, Yahoo! should know better than to try to tap into a cluttered market that is dominated by the giant- Twitter, and that is already suffering from information overload!

I mean let’s take both Plurk and, the two micro-blogging sites that have been operating for a while now, as an example.  These two services do provide valuable features and have their own target markets, yet they were unable to “really” compete with Twitter! Not to mention the few others, like Rejaw, that have tried to and completely disappeared! Why does Yahoo! think it will do any better?

Comparing Traffic: vs. Plurk vs. Twitter

Furthermore, and with the continuous demand for innovation vs. imitation, and the need for specialization rather than haphazard diversification, Yahoo! might actually be writing its own suicide note by choosing to go in this direction! Take Google’s failed attempt with Jaiku for example, could Yahoo! do better?

Tap with Me!

To conclude, I’d really like to hear your thoughts about this issue: Do you think Yahoo! has taken a wise step by trying to compete with Twitter? What can Yahoo! do to ensure that it won’t lose its users’ trust and loyalty if this venture fails? How do you think Meme can actually compete with Twitter, if possible?

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  1. Twitter is so hard to compete with, but I think social networking has it's own ages so Twitter maybe will not last for ever!

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