Google Social Search: What a criminal wants? [video]

Last week, Google announced its experimenting with a new social search feature. The feature simply combines your Twitter, Facebook, Google (…etc) contacts and friends and includes their photos, updates and entries in your search results.

Besides the immediate “this is interesting and should be useful” thought, it got me wondering, do we really want that? Think of it from this: without the option of having each and every update of your friends searchable, people were complaining about others stalking” them on Facebook and MySpace. Imagine now, when instead of just inferring information from the bits and pieces everyone posted, you can actually search for whatever you want to learn about.

Imagine a thieve looking for an easy target to steal with 1000 “friends” on Facebook and 10,000 Twitter followers. A simple “vacation+from” search on Google, limiting it by time, would get him all “friends” out of town. Now, we can agree that the user who posted the “I’m on vacation from-to” online is an idiot, while Google is just making it easier to track all of that.

Below is the video introduction of Google’s social search experiment. Let us know your thoughts.

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3 responses to “Google Social Search: What a criminal wants? [video]”

  1. Beiruta says:

    I think that for such a huge corporation, Google should be able to cover all points of any new software or tool it releases! Social search could actually encourage criminals to use Google as a means for crime! I wonder how Google might have missed that!

  2. FadiPick says:

    Facebook has already rolled such feature couple of months ago, it is just natural of Google to pick up what can improve their core service. I can see your point, but hey, the internet in itself made the life of criminals much easier. There are always people out there who will abuse the service offered, that doesn't mean we should deprive all others from the potential benefits.

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