HOW TO: 10 Ways You Can Contribute to the Climate Change Movement #BAD09

Note: This post was published on the 15th of October to support the Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change.

The clock is ticking; time is running fast. On one hand, we can’t really predict when will the tipping point be; the point where we are left out helpless and can’t reverse the damage inflicted on our planet. On the other hand, only little time is left before Copenhagen’s global summit that will take place on December; little time for us to solve the conflict of interests between the different countries around the world. Copenhagen may be our last chance to pull ourselves together and come up with a decent treaty that would save thing planet.

What can we do now? and how can we contribute to the movement and build up awareness for the summit? That’s what we’ll be covering in this post.

1. Use Twibbon to add “TckTckTck” to your Twitter Avatar



Twibbon is an easy way to promote awareness about your cause on Twitter. It adds an overlay to supporters’ profile images (avatars) so that everyone else can see it.  Tck Tck Tck movement is trying to gather enough people from around the world to raise their voices and help pushing leaders into taking needed courageous acts. Tck Tck Tck came up with a cool Twibbon that you can add to your avatar and show support. So far, there are 732 twitter profiles with TckTckTck ribbon.

2.  Join

35o is a global movement that conducts different events around the world to spread awareness about climate change. They are calling for an international day of climate action that will take place in 9 days – on 24 October -. Currently there are 2367 planned actions in 153 country around the world – Make sure you’re a part of it!

3. Organize an offline event and promote it via Facebook

Facebook is a great tool to organize events. If you didn’t find any interesting event close to your home town on website, then it may be a good idea for you to organize your own event. Use Facebook and gather people around this cause… be initiative.

4. Use Cartoons to depict your message

Cartoons can somehow convey stronger and clearer messages to the audience. Seppo, a cartoonist and illustrator from Finland, has been doing quite an impressive job with his environment cartoons. Check out his blog here ( There is also an international competition for climate change cartoons that will take place in Bulgaria. Deadline for submitting your work is 30th, November 2009. If you’ve got the talent, why don’t you go for it?

Car Free Day

Car Free Day - Cartoon

5. Take a CNN iReport assignment

CNN is one the largest and most successful TV news channels, their iReport service is one of the most successful services that allows the general public to report the news. There has been 378,547,724 iReports just during the last month! There is a huge audience to iReport videos and good potential to be featured on CNN!

6. Make a relevant hashtag popular on Twitter

Twitter hashtags are used mainly to organize information about a certain topic. Add a certain hashtag – for instance #climatechange – to all of your tweets related to climate change, you will then be able to find them by searching simply for #climatechange. If others picked up the keyword and labeled their climate related tweets with the same hashtags, then it may end up to be a trending item that appears on the home page of Twitter. #BAD09 is the hashtag that will be used today to group the tweets related to the Blog Action Day, make sure to add it to yours.

7. Start an Online Petition

Online petitions can be a great tool to gain support for your cause. It can show the world how many people are out there who are ready to raise up their voices for this cause. Petition Voice is a cool platform to create free online petitions. Creating an online petition here is very simple – a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

8. Play and Promote Games with a Green Awareness

People tend to learn better while having fun. Games that promote green awareness should be appreciated and shared. LogiCity is a fun interactive computer game; it allows players to experiment with decisions that could affect climate change and see their future impact on a city.  It is a good idea to check it out.

9. Blog about climate awareness (specialized blogs)

Anything that would spread awareness about climate change is very essential at this point of time. There are many dedicated blogs concerning this matter and worthy of our support either by reading, commenting or promoting their blog posts. It may also be a good idea if you come up with your own specialized blog that is dedicated for discussing climate change awareness topics – the more the merrier.

10. Participate in Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15th where bloggers across the world unite to write about a single issue on a single day. This year’s topic is climate change. Climate change impacts nearly all aspects of our lives; from business and technology to food, transportation and travel so there are plenty of topics to address, and plenty of ideas to write about. To be part of the event, you have to register you blog here ( Already more than 7000 bloggers have registered from 126 countries. Blog Action Day expected to reach over eleven million readers on climate!

Social media can make a difference…

In a world where you can share and access information in a fast and simple way, it is important for all of us to jump in and face up to the biggest challenge that has ever faced humanity. We believe that social media can really make a difference and help saving our planet – use it!

What other ways do you think can help the climate change awareness movement? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section.

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10 responses to “HOW TO: 10 Ways You Can Contribute to the Climate Change Movement #BAD09”

  1. M.Bamieh says:

    Not a single send a letter to your senator advice on the list?
    At the end of the day the 2 biggest contributions to climate change that a person can have is to either not procreate or to reduce his own carbon print and encourage his work environment to do the same.
    Climate change of all topics should be more about action than talk.

  2. wael says:

    you forgot to tell them to join IndyACT :P

  3. FadiPick says:

    I think that the most important act at this point of time is advocating to push leaders to take the right decisions in Copenhagen. It is a good idea to send a letter to your senator! Thanks for adding :)

  4. FadiPick says:

    hey guys, Join IndyACT as well :)

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  6. Beiruta says:

    WOW! What a great collection of ways in which we can really help with the issue of climate change! I love the cartoons idea, blogging and the Twibbon the most :) Thanks for the tips! I'll make sure to be a part of this movement towards a better tomorrow!

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  8. Absolutely brilliant stuff. We need to tackle tis problem together!

  9. Iouri says:

    The Climate Can be Changed Today:

  10. Anonymous says:

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