Interesting video: Facebook, not what you think…

Beirut stumbled upon and forwarded this video to me a few days ago. It’s not a new video, but it does shed some light on some interesting facts about Facebook’s data collection and usage privacy policy – that we all agreed to upon signing up to their service. It also hints towards who’s really behind the curtains at Facebook Inc. – and it’s not Zuckerberg.

So, for our Saturday post, I’m sharing this video and would like to ask you: Why do we trust Facebook (Twitter, Myspace, and so on) and share so many personal details and secrets on their platform(s)? If something goes wrong, who’s to blame?

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4 responses to “Interesting video: Facebook, not what you think…”

  1. Beiruta says:

    We should blame ourselves since we are, as we claim, mature, logical and well-educated human beings who can tell wrong from right!

  2. Jim Crabb says:

    Just a little scary (lot?).It is bad enough folks trying to collect data to sell soap, but governments are like the wind, they change…one year a cool breeze that is good and the next a destructive storm that is bad. As an artist I limit what I post on a lot of sites just because of the more or less fine print: something like “we can do anything we want with your work but you do retain the copyright(?)”. My bank (and every bank I have read agreements from) supply me with a manuscript (novella) written in very fine print giving me all these rights and at the end simply states that they can do anything they want at anytime, for no reason…if I don't like it I have thirty days to opt out. Most of these agreements are so long not many people, maybe most don't bother to read them anymore. So I guess in the end if we want to use modern technology we have to do it with an understanding that it is public thing and behave in public accordingly. Use of a good firewall and an antivirus program can limit intrusions into ones life as well. Thanks for the article…you learn things and then they slip into the back of your mind…it is good to be reminded.

  3. FadiPick says:

    The sound and the background music is so creepy! It is easy to build up a conspiracy theory, no?

  4. leeand00 says:

    Did anybody ever think that this information might be used to…oh I don't know…KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE?

    I mean if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to hide. The only reason this should bother you is if you've seriously got something to hide.

    I mean seriously, I'd rather have a slight risk of my privacy being invaded, than a large risk of my own country being invaded.

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