New Apple iMac, MacBook and a Magical “Touch-Sensitive” Mouse [video]

In preparation for the holiday season, Apple unveiled today some new products: impressive faster high end  iMacs with larger 16:9 displays with higher pixel density and flatter edges, a redesigned MacBook with a 7-hour battery, and a new mouse that’s as touch sensitive as is your iPhone! The mouse has generated much buzz over the web with its futuristic look and new touch functionality.

For more information about the new Apple products, check out:

  • Magic Mouse description, images and videos at
  • The new iMac gallery and specifications at
  • The new MacBook with the stronger new unibody, longer battery duration and better display screen.

Did today’s announcement of Apple’s new products add something to your shopping (or wish) list? It did for me; I just hope this mouse works on Windows!

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  1. slrman says:

    While these new iMacs are certainly a step forward an most areas, they still are not revolutionary. That means the next iteration will be something far different. Just like these are far different from the original iMac.

    I'll go on record today with a few predictions for the next generation. First, no more hard drives. It's obvious that Solid State Drives are the wave of the future. They are faster, more reliable (no moving parts), and consume less power so generate less heat.

    Next, there will be a processor, perhaps the light-processor developed by Intel at Apple's request, that exceeds any available today by a fact of at least 2.

    Displays will be at a minimum OLED, multi touch-screen and available in configurations that currently do not even exist. USB ports will be the newer USB 3 or perhaps something even beyond that such as a super Fire-Wire, which is due for a major upgrade anyway.

    The time frame for these will be two years, more or less. Remember folks, you heard it here first!

  2. Beiruta says:

    Nice! Apple rules!
    To answer your question: Yes, this video definitely added to my shopping cart: I want all of them! The only problem is that adopting the “Apple lifestyle” is rather expensive! PC users don't understand that and they hold it against Mac users!
    As for me, I think it's worth it! I've had my Macbook for over a year now and never had to take it to maintenance, not even once!

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  4. FadiPick says:

    I will sure keep all of this mind mind and remember you when it comes :)

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