User Manual: What to Expect When Using Social Media?

“Anger always comes from frustrated expectations”. Elliott Larson

Expectations are – simply put – the building blocks and the breaking points of everything in life.

Expectations Only Lead to Disappointment!

Expectations Only Lead to Disappointment!

Whether in the way we conduct our personal lives or business wise, expectations usually have the power to strengthen or hinder efforts and in turn influence any outcomes either positively or negatively.

Hundreds, no, thousands of books and articles were published about various subjects pertaining to expectations all around us. The main reason for these publications is to prepare individuals for what they might face in certain situations or during specific events or cases and how to deal with them accordingly.

Social Media Expectations: The good, the bad & the ugly!

Preconceptions about a certain concept, person, place and so on have the ability to cause confusion. This is because the human mind conditions itself to a certain way of dealing with things based on prior expectations. Thus, if the expectations are not met, the mind usually refuses to change its perceptions and whatever is at play might lose its credibility and attractiveness element.

Therefore, I thought I would prepare a list, divided into 3 categories: the good, the bad and the ugly. The main purpose of this list is pointing out everything one must expect to encounter through his/her use of social media channels, tools and platforms.

1. The Good…

Social media might be the devil but is not the reaper!” Do you remember this statement? It was the title of a previous post of mine and it sure does apply here. Almost nothing in life is 100% bad or good. This can be practiced when utilizing social media channels and tools.

Here are a few good things can expect when using social media, in an appropriate and organized manner. Take a look:

  • Learning New Things: Personally, I have noticed a notable positive change in my pool of knowledge since I have started being a regular social media user. Not only did my overall know-how about different topics expand, it deepened as well. On average, I am exposed to over 100 articles per day with more than 40% of them being both interesting and informative. Thus, based on that, if your aim is to learn more, social media can be your answer!
  • Meeting Quality People: Though online relationships are not always safe or guaranteed, this can also be the case with the people we meet anywhere and at any given time. Social media can allow you to formulate relationships with different people around the world who come from different cultures and have different backgrounds and experiences to share! Also, social media has the power to provide you with leads of potential customers and so on.
  • Making a Difference: Do you feel that you want to contribute to your society or help with environmental issues? Do you want to make a difference in other people’s lives? Social media can help you achieve that easily through a variety of cause related discussions, features and campaigns.

    Social Media Tools & Channels

    Social Media Tools & Channels

  • Expanding Personal Horizons: When you find yourself being exposed to various topics, different thoughts, creative ideas and different personalities, you are more able to grow. I truly believe that social media has the power to expand its users’ horizons in terms of thinking, evaluating and decision making!

2. The Bad:

  • Stumbling Upon the “Wrong” People: Whether they are perverts, crooks, stalkers, biased or just spammers, social media open the door for you to interact with these people, those who you would rarely meet face-to-face. Yet, don’t let this frustrate you! There are good people out there too!
  • Be Ware of Spam!

    Be Ware of Spam!

    Being Subjected to Spam: Just as you might learn new things while using social media, you might also be subjected to spam and even become a victim of it. Therefore, you carefully choose whom you follow and what links you click on and open to avoid hacks and viruses as well as offensive content.

  • Having to Tolerate Repetitiveness: If you become a regular social media user, you will need to tolerate repetitiveness! Some social bookmarking sites and others tools such as Twitter allow for duplicate information to be publicized.

3. The Ugly:

  • Privacy Issues: It should come as no surprise that the more you use your name and information publicly, the more you are exposed to privacy breaches and phishing attacks. Social media is the hub of those incidents, especially if you are not careful with what you share and with whom.
  • Turning Users into Targets: When abused, social media has the power to turn its users into targets to theft and other offline offensive acts of vandalism or threats.
  • Losing Touch with Reality: Some people have the ability to lose touch with reality when abusing a certain substance or tool. Social media can cause that as well as other mentally related issues and complications.

The Tip of the Iceberg!

No two experiences can be exactly the same. Yet, when we at least have some kind of true to what we are dealing with, we are less prone to disappointment and confusion.

Finally, I’d like to ask you a few questions: Do you think the good outweighs the bad when it comes to social media utilization? Can you share with us a few good, bad and ugly stories experienced via social media?

Looking forward to your comments down below! :)

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9 responses to “User Manual: What to Expect When Using Social Media?”

  1. Napoleon B says:

    Great points. I agree completely with your statement that no two experiences can be exactly the same in social media. I have been fortunate enough to have more good than bad (or ugly) experiences when it comes to social media. I think the phishing and spamming can be mitigated by following other users best practices when it comes to privacy and security.

    I do think that good outweighs the bad when it comes to social media utilization. For instance, at the recent BlogWorld, cancer awareness was increased and money was raised for charity at the 'Kick Cancer's Ass' event.

    Bad things, like facebook phishing attacks (“I'm in london and I got mugged”) happen all the time in email and random phone calls too, so it's a matter of educating social media users against such attacks.

  2. wchingya says:

    I too, agreeing the goodness of social media outweighs the bad. The bad and ugly are not to be ignored though; should be on our guards at all times. So far I'm amazed with the power of social media and how much it has helped me in my blogging & freelancing. I wouldn't be at the spot I am today if not because of it. Although there's much for me to learn and achieve, but I have a good feeling for social media to extend its advantages in multiple fields in near future.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  3. Beiruta says:

    Great point! Education is highly important when using social media. Ignorance might be a bliss sometimes but that's not the case with any online tools and features we decide to begin using since a lot here will be at stake!

  4. Beiruta says:

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you: The power of social media is huge and should not be underestimated especially in the area of marketing efforts. I hope that social media will be able to achieve what you have mentioned “extend its advantages in multiple fields in near future” and I wonder in what form that would be!

  5. JasonCoffee says:

    @Beirut great article. It gives a good overview of what social media form a birds eye view. I think one of the most important things to remember when you using it is to transparent and genuine. And to remember that if you aren't offering something good, informational and relevant then you fall into the Bad or even worse Ugly category. Keep yourself in the Good by pumping out content that people will care about and remember to stay grounded in the process. thanks for doing all of those Beirut!

  6. DebbyBruck says:

    Beiruta ~ enjoyed your article telling the pros and cons of Social Networking. There is a lot to learn and it is a slow learning curve. But, even from the beginning you can have fun, meet new people, read those fascinating articles, find out about current events and watch super videos from all those links!

    You may want to visit my recent blogs. One is all about dealing with Spam and another is a comparison of Twitter to Hubpages [micro-blog versus regular blogging community]

    Enjoy! Thanks for being my Twitter Buddy where we share our inspirational thoughts!

  7. energy shot says:

    Yes! Finally a venue in which people can work without being bored of the same daily routine, while actually learning things previously unknown to them ? I'm in!

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