File-sharing is coming to an end! ACTA Copyright Treaty Secrets [video]

Secretly and behind closed doors, the United States and several European countries are working on drafting a new copyright trade agreement which, among other things, will try to tackle the issue of illegal file sharing by compromising your right to privacy.

The agreement will allow law enforcement agents and custom officers to have the right to search, copy and confiscate any information that infringes against copyrighted material. It will also adopt a three strike rule; if someone commits 3 copyright infringements, their ISP is liable and responsible for cutting their internet connection. In order for the ISP’s to do that, they will have to annul the privacy of your communications and inspect every communication that you carry on their network.

How do you feel about this agreement? If stopped by a customs agent asking to search your laptop will you comply? Or even better will you be in trouble? Let us hear your thoughts.

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One response to “File-sharing is coming to an end! ACTA Copyright Treaty Secrets [video]”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Wow! Just the idea of someone thinking of going through my private files on my personal laptop makes me really angry! This is almost ridiculous! Human right supporters and organizations should have something to say about this!

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