Hybrid Cars & Social Media: Heading Towards A Fuel Free Environment

“Is fuel efficiency really what we need most desperately? I say that what we really need is a car that can be shot when it breaks down.” Russel Wayne Baker

I read this quote over and over again and yet I was unable to find a way to agree with it: I think the best solution to the problem we are currently facing, worldwide, is finding the “right” substitutes for our available fuel resources.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars

This brings me to a few questions which I seek to answer with you throughout this post:

  1. Do hybrid cars truly represent a window of opportunity for change in the field of fuel replacement on a global level?
  2. How can social media help in promoting hybrid cars not for profit purposes rather for cause awareness and futuristic solutions?
  3. Is the message that hybrid car manufacturers and sellers are conveying clear enough for the audience it addresses? And how can it be made clearer?

Social Media & Hybrid Cars: The Overall Level of Awareness World Wide

As I roamed the different social media sites I usually visit on a daily basis, I was rather surprised with the overall level of awareness and interest in hybrid cars and the different opportunities they represent for a better future for us. I expect you to ask the question how, therefore, here’s my simple answer, extracted from Wikipedia:

“A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle. The term most commonly refers to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), which combine an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors”.

Thus, the equation here is rather straight to the point: Cars – Fuel + Electricity= Hybrid Cars! This means, if all other variables are constant, hybrid cars decrease the need for fuel thus eliminating a global problem which currently effects many countries all around the world and which even causes wars and deadly disputes and blood sheds!

What Can We Do More Using Social Media?

We have already established the power that social media has in igniting certain topics and further motivating people for change in different areas such as the environment and such. But how can social media play a role here?

Hybrid Car Components

Hybrid Car Components

  • Educate and spread awareness! People are often afraid of what they don’t know; they are more comfortable operating and using what they have been accustomed to. Therefore, the key here would be to find the right social media sites, tools and channels and the suitable message to spread amongst them! A great idea would be using Twitter for simple short tweets that speak of hybrid cars not as mere products, rather as long-term investments for a better tomorrow! Being active on Climate Change Twitter Lists and discussing this topic in specific could also help!
  • Attract Attention & Grow Interest! Millions of dollars are spent yearly on huge advertising campaigns aiming towards pure profit, why not create a series of  flamboyant campaigns, using social media, to attract people to “notice” hybrid cars? If all hybrid car manufacturers and sellers come together, they will be able to pool great ideas which will benefit them financially as much as it will benefit the buyers: a sustainable environment for all! An example here would be utilizing Youtube to spread a series of short clips about the efficiency of and need for hybrid cars, while touching on the viewers’ emotional side!
  • Choose What to Share! You, as a social media user, have the right to make your own decisions about what to spread and share and what to completely disregard. Use that right! Out of the tens or hundreds of articles you stumble upon regarding causes in general and hybrid cars in specific, share the ones you think are truthful and that could help in making a change your children’s and grandchildren’s future for many years to come!

By the Power Vested in You, I Pronounce You Judge & Prosecutor!

Be the judge and help make a difference in the world you live in! If hybrid cars can be a solution, help spread the word about them. The power is in your hands and you have the choice to use it or to act as if this does not concern you. Be smart, think future! :)

So, finally, and to wrap up this argument, allow me to ask you the following questions: Would you consider purchasing a hybrid car? Do you think that hybrid cars could be a futuristic solution for a fuel free environment? How do you think we can better utilize social media to spread awareness about hybrid cars?

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  1. Steve says:

    I still believe that we are years away from an oil dependent world. But we are heading in the right direction. In the mean time there are simple things we can do to improve fuel economy for the vehicles we currently have.
    If you would like more information, plus a free ebook on what you can do right now, today, to increase your mileage and help clean the inviroment please visit my site @ http://www.alternativefuelcar.org

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