The Insider’s Guide to Being a Top Spammer!

It is truly shocking how lucrative the spamming business is. You can earn up to $7,000 a day by being a top spammer and here is the top tips to help you achieve spam gold.

Tip 1 Be Part of the System

Users already trust the platform they are on and that’s why they use it. If a spammer’s ad looks out of place, people will be more suspicious of it. So the best thing to do is to locate the ad as it is part of the system. Adopt the Facebook font and clean looks with blue buttons. Make the ad look like a windows warning message and that will get people to click the ad more.

I bet you want to prove your in that 3.3%!

I bet you want to prove you're in that special 3.3%!

Tip 2 Gain Access

The best ways to get access to people’s information is to deceive them into giving it up voluntarily. Entice the customer with a chance to win an iPhone if they provide you with their email address. Even better, get them to do an IQ test and then ask them if they want the results sent to their phones! Any respectable spammer would know that a person’s email, phone number or getting him/her to download a toolbar are the top earners in the game. You know what I am saying?

Tip 3 Get In Bed With a Game’s Developer

Soon to be Brought to you by Wallmart?

Soon to be Brought to you by Wallmart?

Game Developers on FaceBook, for instance, can have access to a user’s profile data, user name and pictures and this is a gold mine for any spammer. In exchange for earning money for showing some ads, the game developer will certainly be willing to share some of that information with the user. This will allow the spammer to customize the ads so that they are personally talking to people. It is surely more effective and convincing for a 15 year old that someone has a crush on her if that someone calls her by her name.

Tip 4 “Incentivize” The Game

When people play a game they will be willing to do a lot of things to get ahead. So those same people will be willing to sign-up for a platinum card or get a car insurance quote in exchange for some virtual gold or points in the game. All those can be monetized into real money by selling them as leads to advertisers.

Tip 5 Use Jedi Mind Tricks on Those Who Defy You


Tricks, tricks!

You wouldn’t want to tell FaceBook to its face that you are going to use that ad space to spam them. So be careful about who sees your ads, keep it clean for FaceBook employees who are in Western California and who cloak your ad for IP’s from there. Also, it helps to keep people in high places of influence wined, dined and totally in love with you.

These are all great tips to start your own spammer business, but as any entrepreneur knows: once your operation grows bigger you will need to put up a front. The good news is that the front is probably more lucrative than the spamming business as well. Legitimate advertisements will salivate at the thought of working with a  top notch spammer . With the experience in specifically targeting ads to people based on their profiles, the spam designer will be a hot commodity. Considering the knowledge of what makes people click, legitimate advertisers will hire those folks left, right and center!

Just think how many people will be clicking on this ad “Earn Farmville points and special items by shopping at your local Walmart!“, or maybe “Happy Birthday! Mention the word FRUITCAKE and get a 50% discounts on cakes from your local StarBucks“.

Get in the game quick before the big fish come to play! Earn top dollars from being in the advertisement business. Move over Russian, Nigerian and Chinese spammers, time to treat this like a legitimate operation.

How do you feel about advertisements? Do you play online viral games? Do you worry about your information being used by spammers or legitimate ad agencies alike? Let us know what you think.

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