Top 10 Climate Change Twitter Lists You Want to Follow

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter – finally – rolled out the “lists” feature that allows people on Twitter to create lists and add their tweeps under their different lists in order to categorize them and manage their Twitter experience in a much better way. While Twitter Lists are still new to most users, hundreds of thousands of lists have been already created, and while the number of followers have been an indication of how influential a Twitter user is, Twitter Lists emerged to give a more accurate measurement of influence. Mashable had already posted a guide last week to help people understand Twitter Lists.

With the enormous amount of Twitter Lists emerging each day, a third-party service Listorious emerged to make our lives easier. It maintains a categorized directory of Twitter lists and allows you to search or browse through lists by category, and find the most popular lists. It is now easier than ever to find a list of experts to follow on Twitter in one simple click.

Listorious: Climate Friends

Listorious: Climate Friends

We, here at Thoughtpick, browsed Listorious for Climate Change lists that contain experts we all want to follow and compiled the following list:

1. Ecotweeps

Ecotweeps is a list of eco and green tweeples created by @mimimyne. Ecotweeps has 58 tweeps listed, including @planetgreen, @thegreenforum and @ecoactions

2. Climate Friends

Climate Friends is a list of top Climate Friendly (Low Carbon) tweeps created by @toddlucier. Climate Friends has 37 tweeps listed, including @algore, @liveearth and @wwf_climate

3. Klima

Klima is a list of top tweeps specialized in climate change and the COP15 summit in Copenhagen, created by @FelsBerlin. Klim has 21 tweep listed, including @tcktcktck and @350

4. Environment:

Environment is a list of environment expert tweeps created by @Andjelija. Environment has 50 tweeps listed including @algore, @climateproject, and @earthjustice

5. Activists We Like

Activists We like is a list of online activists who tweet on anti-poverty, environment and social justice, created by @wdmuk. Activists We Like has 29 tweeps listed, including @stephenfry, @kimondo and @greenpep

activists-we-like on Twitter

activists-we-like on Twitter

6. Ecotopia

Ecotopia is a list of ecotopians, green visionaries and eco-anything tweeps created by @ecoartopia. Ecotopia has 140 tweeps listed, including @denversolarguy, @windpowersystem, and @treehugger

7. Cleantech

Cleantech is a list of expert tweeps in renewable energy created by @polizeros. Cleantech has 43 tweeps listed, including @solarfeeds and @eco_investments

8. Sustainability

Sustainability is a list of expert tweeps in economical green sustainability development created by @kazoooka. Sustainability has 56 tweep listed, including @NWF, @WWF and @Climate_Bill

9. Everything Green

Everything Green is a list of top green Twitter users discussing green business, climate change, and the environment, created by @awio. Everything Green has 50 tweep listed, including @molfamily, @helpanimals and @agreenliving

10. Ecology

Ecology is a list of expert tweeps on Earth and Environment created by @winland. Ecology has 18 tweep listed including @enviroknow, @earthhour and @ecoexploration

The clock is ticking and the Copenhagen global climate summit is at the door – next month -. Our climate expert tweeps may have been lost amongst the crowd of the tweeps we followed before, but not any more, thanks to Twitter lists, there is a way to manage our accounts and follow lists full of environment experts.

Check out the lists above and let us know which one you think best suits your interests and which one you recommend the most for other Climate enthusiasts.

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  1. Beiruta says:

    Great lists! I will make sure to follow them!

  2. Shame listorious missed
    @ConkerTU sustainability list – 83 followed, 8 followers, predominantly UK
    @Zerocredit_UK anti-poverty / debt list – 76 followed, 4 followers

  3. click down says:

    Climate change effects everyone and it’s an important topic to address. I work with Low Cost Power and while you’re paying such careful attention to the environment you should also pay close attention to what you’re spending for that energy.
    climate change

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