Top 10 iPhone Applications – Reviewed [video]

Despite the negative talk, and attacks, going around about the iPhone, the iPhone seems to be well and alive with innovative, fun and useful applications being released to its users periodically.

Here’s a list of the latest top 10 iPhone applications video, plus descriptions, guaranteed to capture your attention. Enjoy!

In summary…

  1. Big Day: An application created for the purpose of keeping track of your appointments so you won’t miss out on any of them! This application has a very smooth layout and countdown button and allows for the possibility of adding images related to the topic of your appointment, either from the default images or from your personal gallery.
  2. Wunder Radio: This application provides you with weather, sports, music and talk radios. You can stream and listen to radio while using other applications.
  3. CNN Mobile: An application which allows you to divide and read news easily and effectively. This applications allows for news to be laid out for you in a clear formatting. It also enables you to watch news videos in high quality.
  4. Monster Pinball: A fun pinball game which comes in 60 frames per second and 6 pinball tables all connected to each other. Great graphics.
  5. iFitness: An application which combines 230 exercises with full instructions on each including images and video instructions and a stop watch. This application also allows you to set daily workouts or set from preset routines.
  6. I Am T-Pain: A fun application which allows for auto-tuning your voice to match T-Pain’s through simply using the microphone or head phones and just start singing! This application comes with a list of preset beats that you can use or you can purchase additional ones. You can share your song through e-mail or even by adding it on your Facebook profile.
  7. Tweetie 2.0: A simple, sleek, quick and easy to navigate Twitter application which tops all others out there. This application allows for refreshing the page, searching and sliding down through your tweets and mentions smoothly.
  8. Blocked: A puzzle game with many levels to play and three difficulty modes.
  9. Backbreaker Football: A 3D game player environment with amazing graphics.
  10. Pocket God: A full featured reprogrammed game application allowing you to have so much fun with the islanders!

Finally, do you own an iPhone or did you ever have one? What other applications were you using? And which one of these applications seem mostly lucrative to you? Let us know below.

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  1. MegaBytes says:

    you should add “iDraw Dialer” to the list !

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