Verizon’s New Campaign Rocks! Should AT&T Be Scared? [video ads]

Enough beating around the bush and let’s just face it: Some brands know how to use social media to their advantage while others don’t! It’s a rather simple statement that doesn’t need too much explanations or justifications. I mean with all the noise out there, getting your message through needs certain elements and variables which, when ignored, could turn against you.

Whether it is the fight between the iPhone and the Blackberry or the long lived battle between Apple and Microsoft, when a brand is able to use social media to capture attention, create awareness and build trust and loyalty, it has a higher percentage at succeeding and sustaining profits.

Verizon Wireless gets that and it’s using smart, short, fresh and different themed clips to target its potential market from all angles. So the question here is: Should AT&T be scared? Only if they don’t quickly think of an equally, or even more, attractive campaign to launch very soon! Whether they use humor or some other way to bring their brand closer to their potential and current market, AT&T should be able to find the proper come back as soon as possible!

Finally, I’d like to ask you the following questions: Did Verizon’s new campaign convince you of switching? And how do you suggest AT&T can respond?

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