What is Google Chrome OS? [A cartoon & a video]

Chrome is a totally re-thought web browser. You can download it right now on your computer. But Chrome OS is a totally re-thought computer that let you stop worrying on your computer so that you focus on the internet.

Google released Chrome OS source code yesterday, a web based operating system that carries on Google trademark of simplicity, efficiency and innovation.

Windows evolution into Chome!

Windows evolution into Chome!

I have to admit this, Google has always managed to make my life easier. It took me a while to try their email offering  (Gmail) which then instantly impressed me with its much far superior offering than what both Yahoo and Microsoft do. Then came the Chrome web browser, and again, it took me a while to decide to give it a try only to realize that comparing it to IE is like comparing a Ferrari to a Mini Copper!

Google has built its reputation on simplicity, that is their core identity. They started with a blank page with a search field, an excellent formula that gave them an edge in the search engine arena. It was then replicated in every product they published to prove over and over again that Google does indeed make the life of web users much easier!

With this new web OS, Google is moving in the same line. We don’t need all of the horse power of a full fledge traditional OS now as we spend most of our time on the web. We need a simpler and faster OS that just boots instantly and give us direct access to our emails, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Check out how Google intends to do so with their new Chrome OS.

What is Google Chrome OS?

I love Google, and while we are still a year away from the release of Chrome OS, I wonder how much success will it have and what kind of devices would appear to take advantage of it. Do you think it can dominate the OS market? and will it affect the way we perceive computers today?

With the above caricature, I can’t help but to think of Chrome as a revolutionized Windows. Windows have defined computers for a long time, now it seems that it’s evolving the Google way!

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I really doubt that Google OS will make such a significant difference yet, Google are known to be pioneers in the markets their serve and I'm sure they will get it right sooner or later!

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