Who’s Here App – Free Phone Calls on Your iPod and iPhone!

As we relentlessly, and yet unconsciously, speed into a technology-based life style, competition amongst technology related brands, tools, systems and platforms soars higher; bringing us a new, fresh and innovative pool of ideas for the future.

MSN messenger, Skype, Fringe, eBuddy and other web or phone based chatting tools should be prepared to meet their new opponent: The “Who’s Here” Application designed for the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

Not only does this “social” application allow for the regular options any chatting platform offers, it also allows you to spice things up a bit as it gives a chance to its users to make free calls and send free text messages. Furthermore, this applications helps in bridging the way for you to find and meet new people and creates another way for you to maintain current relationships with your friends and family!

Other features include:

  • Available for the iPod Touch 2G and any other iPhone.
  • Simple and easy steps for installation and use.
  • Varied privacy settings.
  • Allows you to set up your Wifi in order to choose who you receive calls from.
  • A “Jerk Filter” feature for flagging and blocking annoying people.
  • Different options for adding and sorting people.
  • Allows you to send and receive pictures.
  • Faster sending and receiving of text messages.

To Wrap Up…

I’d like to ask you the following questions: Do you know of any other similar applications for the iPhone, maybe a better one? And do you think that the Blackberry already fulfills this application’s goals to a certain level?

Looking forward to your feedback in the comments’ section.

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4 responses to “Who’s Here App – Free Phone Calls on Your iPod and iPhone!”

  1. malazyy says:

    Perfect software thank you

  2. Aman says:

    from where can we get it?

  3. jordan singer says:

    i just wish you could tell who fakes are…..

  4. jordan singer says:

    app store

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