10 Fantastic Free Mac Apps to Treat Yourself to This Christmas

Boost your Mac with this list of some of the best free software out there, handpicked to make your life easier, quicker, and more efficient. A surefire way to holiday happiness, if you know what we mean.

1. Quicksilver:

Free Mac Apps Quicksilver Screenshot


Quicksilver is a Mac launcher that is really not only a launcher: it is the Mac Swiss Army Knife. If you’re going to download any software from this list, it should be this one, which many refer to as the greatest Mac app of all time. From the comfort of its little elegant application, you can manage iTunes, take screenshots, control windows, define words, tweet, convert units, post to FriendFeed, search any website… (do we really have to go on?)

It boosts productivity by twofold, and has a great plugin library that enhances its performance even further. [Learn How to Use Quicksilver]

Download Quicksilver

2. Boxee:

Free Mac Apps Boxee Screenshot


With Boxee, your internet connection can be your provider for television shows, YouTube videos, music videos, online radio, personalized audio streams, and online and offline pictures and music. Connect your Mac to your TV, download Boxee, and enjoy your social media center like a pro.

Download Boxee

3. Dropbox:

Free Mac Apps Dropbox Screenshot


Dropbox makes filesharing and computer-syncing for Macs as easy as pie, and also works with Windows and Linux. Just shove your file into the Dropbox icon, and it automatically syncs with relevant users/machines. If you need to share files with users that don’t have Dropbox, you can use your public folder to give them a unique link to be sent for direct download. Also useful for syncing passwords, controlling your computer remotely, and syncing your pidgin account. It comes with a 2GB limit for the free accounts.

Download Dropbox

4. The Unarchiver:

Free Mac Apps Urarchiver Screenshot

The Unarchiver

Extract almost every single kind of archive format you might need with The Unarchiver, something that the Mac OS X’s built-in archive application definitely cannot do. It also gives you more options when extracting files, like automatic deletion of archives after extracting. It’s a simple application, but it really does make life easy.

Download The Unarchiver

5. SketchBox:

Free Mac Apps Sketchbox Screenshot


Finally, a Post-It application that actually functions like a Post-It.  Doodle a thought, write a reminder, or simply create a to-do list with SketchBox. You can use different pens, fonts and colors and take screenshots. You can also set an alarm, organize your notes, and search through them.

Download Sketchbox

6. Do It:

Free Mac Apps Do It Screenshot

Do It

A simple to do list application that lets you categorize your to do lists and link them to any file on your computer, a website, or a contact from your address book. Do It also includes notes, priorities, and deadlines, which can be synced with iCal.

Download Do It

7. Think:

Free Mac Apps Think Screenshot


Not that we have any problems with multi-tasking, but Think is so useful when you really need to get a particular job done. It provides a distraction-free atmosphere by limiting your attention to one application at a time, and you can bring others quickly in case you need them. It’s practically soothing.

Download Think

8. smcFanControl:

Free Mac Apps smcFanControl Screenshot


This small application magically gives you the ability to control the heat of your Mac by boosting the speed of your fans. Set minimum speed for each fan individually, monitor temperature, and apply different settings to different power sources. Finally, a way to make a Mac comfortable on your legs again.

Download smcFanControl

9. MindNode:

Free Mac Apps MindNode Screenshot


A very easy to use mindmapping application that helps you visually develop and express ideas. It’s also useful for organizing and solving problems.
Million dollar idea, anyone?

Download MindNode

10. iStat Pro:

iStat Pro

Free Mac Apps iStat Pro Screenshot

Keep your Mac’s health in check with this nifty monitoring application. Track every aspect of your Macs performance, including CPU, memory, disks, networks, battery, temperature, and fans.

Download iStat Pro

Do you have any favorite Mac applications? Don’t hesitate to share it with us below.

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4 responses to “10 Fantastic Free Mac Apps to Treat Yourself to This Christmas”

  1. Awesome list guys.. please keep up these post. 100% helpful and awesome.

  2. Beiruta says:

    I like them all! But I have to say both “Think” and “SketchBox” are my favorites! Thanks for this list; I didn't know any of these although I'm a loyal Mac user :)

    Oh, and one more thing, welcome to the team :)

  3. Roba says:

    Mohammad, thanks :) Hopefully you'll see many such lists of awesome freebies.

    Beiruta, it's great being a part of this team too. I'm going to learn so much just researching.

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