10 Tips on Reinventing Yourself through Social Media!

Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.” Fulton Oursler

Regret hurts!

Regret hurts!

How many times did you find yourself wondering what could have happened if only you did something differently or if you had decided not to take that dreadful trip, date that particular guy or even say those words to a friend? I’m sure the times were many and the situations where regret invaded you were many as well!

Therefore, and because I, personally, hate the word regret and its implications, I have found a way to help you get rid of part of your regrets and reinvent yourself. The key is: social media!

A Peak into My Train of Thoughts…

About a year ago, I was able to find a classmate of mine through Facebook. This guy was one of the meanest the school has ever witnessed! I remember when he used to make fun of me at school and how bad it made me feel. Through Facebook, he got my e-mail, added me to msn and contacted me for a job.

I remember than incident clearly, as if it happened yesterday…

When I met this guy, I felt all sorts of negative emotions that one could imagine: fear, pain, anger, rejection and so on. Yet, after a long talk, I was able to see things clearer and erase the bad memory of this bully, which had haunted me for years.

I regretted the years I spent feeling sorry for myself! And here’s where social media comes in…

Not only does social media provide a place for sharing valuable content, it also has the power to heal you and help you reinvent yourself . Here are the top 10 Tips on Reinventing Yourself through Social Media:

1. Expanding Your Horizons:

Through social media, you have the power to expand your horizons through acquiring knowledge about various topics of interest to you and to the world around you. Being exposed to too much information never killed anyone, right?

Mixx - Read & discuss popular news

Mixx - Read & discuss popular news

2. Getting More Involved:

When you are soaking in self pity, thinking about your life from one angle and wishing that things were brighter, social media can help you see the bigger picture by helping you get involved in universal issues and problems, which eventually gives you the strength to move forward.

3. Meeting New People:

Since social media has been knocking on every door, the possibility of meeting new friends, potential business opportunities or even a partner for life have grown. You are no longer limited to your area of residence… The world is your oyster!

Facebook to meet new and old friends

Facebook to meet new and old friends

4. Thinking Outside the Box:

Whether in terms of short tweets, status updates or blog posts, social media gives you the ability to think differently; you are more open to others’ thoughts and ideas and less aggressive towards change!

Be creative - just like our designer friend, Brian (@bkmacdaddy)

Be creative - just like our designer friend, Brian (@bkmacdaddy)

5. Gathering Various Opinions:

Before the introduction of social media, you were faced with decisions that you had to make alone or with the help of a few friends. Now, whether you are buying an iPhone or a Mac, planning a trip somewhere, or even just thinking of ideas for your Christmas party, there are thousands out there available and willing to help you make up your mind!

6. Picking Up Where You Left:

You’ve been away from your home country and you have lost touch with all your friends. You’re back now and you feel miserable and alone. Don’t worry, social media is here for the rescue! With Facebook and Twitter alive and well, you can easily find your friends wherever they are, and probably, whatever they are doing!

Pick up where you left off

Pick up where you left off

7. Getting a Fresh Start:

You have lost your best friend who betrayed you, and your boyfriend was cheating on you. You feel trapped and you have no one around. Look a little bit further, right into your computer screen, and you will see: you can never be alone! There are millions of interesting people you can meet and who can help change your life!

8. Stimulating Your Creativity:

Whether you are a writer, poet, musician or even a designer feeling stuck and trying to find your muse, social media has the cure for you! I run across so many creative ideas which stimulate my creativity every single day to the point where I am never really out of ideas!

9. Boosting Your Morale:

“A valuable tweet a day keeps the sadness away!” Try it out! Follow those inspiring people who share quotes about life, love, success and hope; they have the ability to make your burdens less and make you more positive in your outlook on things!

10. Learning From Mistakes:

I believe that those who never learn from their mistakes can never grow! Social media – although it might be a scary thought- documents your mistakes making it easier for you not to fall into the same ones again!

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Would love to hear your thoughts about the discussed points: Do you agree? And can you provide other ways for social media users to make the best out of their experience?

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7 responses to “10 Tips on Reinventing Yourself through Social Media!”

  1. Ryan says:

    What a fresh perspective on social media.

    Social media helps to remind us that we're all connected. The feeling of separateness is a chief cause of conflict. Logging onto Twitter or FB makes you realize that you're a tiny part of the whole.

  2. User82601 says:

    It is really too bad our population has become so socially inadequate that these inadequacies are further enabled via Social sites. So sad so many feel the need to hide behind a screen name and keyboard to communicate with other humans. A real pity….

  3. dafiDRiau says:

    I use it for promotion…

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  6. Deez says:

    This is an interesting take. I never thought of social media and reinvention together, nice job. http://chetsteadmanridesagain.blogspot.com/2010

  7. I use it for promotion…Thanks !

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