Top 10 Ways to Commit Twitter Suicide!

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Phil Dinahue

Suicide Cartoon

Suicide Cartoon

Not to seem as if I am taking this issue lightly, allow me to explain that the way I see it, there are different types of suicides: the  tragedy of taking one’s own life, the curse of business suicide, your average social suicide and so on.

This post is a humorous way of addressing one side of social media suicide: Twitter suicide!

During our last team’s brainstorming session, while discussing different social media related issues, and Twitter related experiences and annoyances, it occurred to me: What are the things that Twitter users could do and be considered as committing Twitter suicide?

This is what my imagination could muster…

Top 10 Ways to Commit Twitter Suicide!

  1. Beg to be Unfollowed: Ask, or even beg, people to unfollow you in form of direct messages or public tweets.
  2. Make Threats: Threaten people’s lives or safety. For example, add a name of a follower and tweet: “I am coming to kill you, be very scared!”
  3. Resort to Spam: Send mass meaningless messages.
  4. Taint Your Avatar: Choose a gruesome, revolting picture for your avatar.
  5. Be Dark: Tweet about your love for death and the extinction of human kind.
  6. Confuse & Puzzle: Switch your gender every now and then!
  7. Educate about Crime: Give instructions for murders, claiming they are based on personal experiences.
  8. Be Biased: Address political issues in a racist, unstudied manner.
  9. Be a Creep (Insensitive & Careless): Make jokes about diseases and humanitarian issues and cases.
  10. Pretend to be a Psycho: Post tweets about inappropriate acts you have committed or dream of committing!

On a more serious note…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this light and funny post, yet, on a more serious side, if you’re looking for real Twitter related tips to enhance better engagement and more efficient use, I encourage you to take a look at the following posts:

Finally, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions: What do you think is the worst act you have committed on Twitter? And what fellow Twitter user actions annoy you?

Looking forward to read your comments below :)

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4 responses to “Top 10 Ways to Commit Twitter Suicide!”

  1. Uttam Pegu says:

    Very useful tips! Thank you very much, But I think normally, no one would ask others to unfollow, that too in DM

  2. […] account, instead it makes it clear that you are no longer active on this account and that you have committed suicide. This is done by indicating that you have committed suicide and changing your profile picture to […]

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