5 Web & Internet 2010 Funny Predictions – Photoshopped & Illustrated!

The only constant thing is change!

Therefore, and to make sure that we capture the changes in social media for the coming year, we have prepared for you a funny list of our own predictions for ten social media tools and sites for the year 2010! Make us smile, and share them :)

1. Twitter Explosion


Twitter Explosion

2. Facebook Disrespecting Privacy will lead to…

Facebook's Mass Suicide :)

Facebook's Mass Suicide :)

3. MySpace will…

MySpace joins the planets

MySpace joins the planets

4. Digg, Reddit, Mixx: Ultimate fight

The Social Bookmarking Battle

The Social Bookmarking Battle

5. UAE’s latest crazy investment…

Introducing Dubai's The Tweet

Introducing Dubai's The Tweet

What’s your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below…

P.S: Jokes were thought of by Thoughtpick’s one and only Beirut (@beiruta). All images were Photoshopped and Illustrated by our brilliant blogger and designer, Roba Al-Assi. Great work! :)

Comments and Reactions

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  • Love “the tweet” and the Facebook friends 'minuses' :) Great post!

  • One of the best post for remembering 2009.Great effort one explanation through pictures.

  • My favorite is the “Social Marketing Battle”! :) I'm voting for Mixx…

    The “Twitter getting fat” one is just hilarious! :)

  • Haha, great! My favorite one is the Dubai one, cause I seriously seeing them doing that :P

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  • Wow! Great work Beirut and Roba! :) Loved the twitter island in Dubai! hehehe

  • Glad you liked it Fadi :)

  • Yeah, a tweeting island is definitely something Dubai will do…

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  • Ha ha ha!!!
    Pretty cool!
    nd yes.. twitter wil freaggin explode..!

  • MySpace will join the planets. =lolz:)

  • nadinetoukan

    LOL Excellent. Twitter explosion and Dubai's the tweet are favs!

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  • I am very happy, I like twitter.

  • jackjds1

    Hope the second one becomes a reality soon

  • jackjds1

    Hope the second one becomes a reality soon

  • This article shows that you have made extensive research on this social networking websites. I am agree with you about the funny things you have mentioned here.

  • MrLoftcraft

    I can tell you one “funny” prediction of mine: in about 30 years or sooner, we will end up in a Matrix scenario:)) Yeah, the planet will be so polluted that we will be encapsulated and connected to a virtual network just like Matrix:))

  • Maybe we do already! :P

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  • Haha, great! My favorite one is the Dubai one, cause I seriously seeing them doing that :P

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  • This is really excellent stuff, I wish to see great ideas in here.

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