6 Facebook Christmas Apps To Brighten Up Your Holidays!

The blessed holiday season is upon us and it is great to bask in its spirit and be jolly. So what better way to express the festivities than to add some great Facebook applications that really put everyone in the mood for Christmas…. or at least would give everyone a good laugh!

So here are some of this year’s best Christmas Facebook Apps:

The Christmas Tree

Everyone fondly remembers the time they spent decorating the Christmas tree, and the joy that fills you when you finally complete your Christmas by placing that lovely angel topper. Now you can have the same experience and share it with the world on Facebook. Your tree even comes with its on Christmas music.

Make your own Christmas tree

Make your own Christmas tree

Gift of the Yeti

Do you remember the joy you used to get when playing Rampage? The way all that destruction relieved your anxieties? Well from the game developers, BioWare, comes their first online game. It will not only help you get over your Christmas blues, it will also help you contribute to charity while doing so as well. So what are you waiting for?

Rampage Christmas style

Rampage Christmas style

Say Merry Christmas

For the sophisticated and elite, an app that will let send you greetings to your friends in their own mother tongue. Whether its “Pretige Kerstdagen” to your dutch friends or “Gledileg Jol” to your Icelandic ones, send your seasons greetings to all. The must have app for all your multiculturalism needs.


Twisted Christmas

Send Christmas gifts to your friends and families, and there are some certainly edgy gifts there. A precious woozy festive poo to the coworker that got a little bit too drank last Christmas party, or a coal to the sibling that used to pull a prank on you every Christmas morning. Whatever the reason, you will certainly find a gift for them here.

Have a Merry Twisted Xmas

Have a Merry Twisted Xmas

Hallmark eCards

The cutest Christmas cards app ever, Hallmark’s Hoops & Yoyo provide us, yet again, with cards that will bring on smiles to anyone who sees them. Being on Facebook will surely help them go around and make everyone a bit happier this holiday season. So do your share by spreading happiness, on Facebook at least.

Lovely Hallmark eCards

Lovely Hallmark eCards

A Christmas Story

Who doesn’t love the Christmas story movie? It’s the one movie where you actually enjoy sitting in to watch it year after year. With a movie this loved, you are bound to have a favorite scene or two, is it the bunny suite? Or maybe the Chinese dinner? This application lets you share your beloved scene’s from the movie with your friends and family.

Share your favourite scene

Share your favourite scene

Just be careful not to catch the Christmas bug on Facebook while you are trying any new application. Be sure to also check our 10 Fantastic Free Mac Apps to Treat Yourself to This Christmas.

So, which App is your favorite? Let us hear how you are celebrating the holiday season on your Facebook account.


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  1. Beiruta says:

    My favorite is the Twisted Christmas app :) Funny and cute!

    Thanks for the great list!

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