Apple Should Definitely Reconsider its Overall Strategy – Now!

If you have any of the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows 7, Vista and XP, be scared, be VERY scared, the black screen of death might be heading your way to deem your computer useless!

It never seizes to amaze me how a technology giant, such as Microsoft, can repeatedly fall into the trap of trying to create a solution which ends up being, in fact, a bigger problem!

When will the bad reputation finally pay back?

Apple vs Microsoft

Apple vs Microsoft

I am sitting now at the edge of my seat wondering: When will all this bad reputation and negative PR finally smite Microsoft down? How long can it keep standing its shaky grounds with all the competition out there? My answer is, if all other variables remain constant: never!

Almost every other day, there is a new story, post, article or press release about Microsoft’s failure in one department or another! One day, it’s a Hotmail problem; group e-mails you send out are only sent out to a few recipients! Another day, it’s a problem within its Microsoft Office suit. How about the problems within its operating system as a whole, such as Windows XP’s many errors and Vista’s bad traits?

Being a Mac user myself, all I feel when I read the many articles I stumble upon is: Poor Microsoft users! And then I just think to myself: How long could their loyalty withstand all these disappointments!

Apple is to Blame!

Regardless how many “screw ups” Microsoft will continue to bring to your PC and how many errors each of its operating systems has, there will be no real drop in Microsoft’s market share as long as Apple continues to sell overpriced Macs!

Trust me, I do understand how important “image” is to Apple and how they are proud to serve a niche market willing to pay too much for their Mac desktops and laptops. However, in order to shift Microsoft users’ loyalty and attract a wider ranger of customers, Apple needs to come up with a brilliant plan!

How could Apple Start Eating off Chunks of Microsoft’s Market Share?

Mac vs. PC

Mac vs. PC

I am not an R&D expert and I don’t claim know too much about best competition techniques yet the first idea that popped in my mind was this: DIVERSIFICATION!

Why doesn’t Apple decide to diversify its product range to meet a broader target audience? Why not, for example, start producing simpler, universal models sold at lower prices? This way, they are able to keep their overall image and further, introduce a product which fits into the needs of current Microsoft users.

Another suggestion, how about instead of spending millions of dollars on great, funny ads to attract potential customers, offer complimentary products with every Mac purchase? Or even better, why not offer other Apple products in order to seduce the customer to dedicate his/her loyalty to Apple, fully!

Time is Ticking!

I sure hope Apple is cooking up some kind of plan, which, eventually, make a difference in these small battles, maybe allowing it to have a chance at winning the war!

Finally, allow me to ask you the following questions: What other strategies would you suggest for Apple in order to dramatically increase its market share? Do you think it should diversify its product range? Do you really believe there will be a day when Apple wins its war against Microsoft?

Looking forward to your comments below…

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5 responses to “Apple Should Definitely Reconsider its Overall Strategy – Now!”

  1. Roland Hesz says:

    As soon as Apple will start to “diversify” it will go the way of Microsoft.
    Microsoft biggest problem is that it actually runs on everything, they have no control over the hardware, the additional softwares – the ones that cause 90% of the “windows” errors -, and so on.

    As soon as Apple gives up this tightly controlled environment, it will meet similar problems.
    “My Mac OS died!!!!” – because the driver for that graphic card was not vetted.
    “My Mac OS always freezes !!!” – because I installed a bazillion useless crap from the net.

    MIcrosoft still has tremendous potential, all they need is to get rid of the high level management, that drives them into the ground with their complete lack of a clear, well defined strategy.

  2. Although I am not a big fan of Apple, a Microsoft supporter in fact (yes; we exist), I would not vote for Apple to go after ‘diversification’ and I would rather stay ‘differentiation.’

    By changing its strategy, I am not sure Apple will gain any benefits on the long run. The image you mentioned is critically important to Apple and it is why its fans are willing to be charged with premium prices just to join the club!

    If everybody out there starts having cheap Apples; no one will look at Apple brand as exclusive as it currently is.

  3. M.Bamieh says:

    so by this logic you would think ubuntu would take over the world ! but in face one reason why people like apple is because its overpriced and thats why you end up having all the trendy folks chasing after the brand. loose that and you loose that apple fanboys.

  4. anasrallah says:

    Nice Argument; I believe Apple wants it like this; this has nothing to do with their strategy.

  5. muhd says:

    I also say no to “diversification”, think about it, you buy a German, or any “luxurious” car, because you want that, and you are apparently willing to pay the price.

    I totally agree with some of the above comments such as Saad Al Dosari's, but I'm actually a big fan of Apple, I have just got my first iMac few months ago, I'm not a computer savvy or anything, but I can admit that there is really a “huge” difference, I'm totally happy with it and never regretted or even thought about how much I paid for it, moreover, I've got a brand new MacBook Pro last month, and that just doubled the joy!

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