Dramatic Chipmunk Starring in New LG Campaign [video]

Yet another seemingly successful social media campaign brought to you by LG!

LG seem to have mastered the art of viral marketing with a campaign which promotes a $100k prize for the winner of their competition, and in turn, promotes their monitors.

It’s a campaign to be remembered! LG recreated the “Dramatic Chipmunk” and let the audience of the five videos, leading to the campaign site, follow him on a own trip around the world starting with the “Break Out”.

Advertising appeals used as their best! LG should be given kudos for their proper utilization of a combination of different appeals in addition to a valuable monetary prize:

  • The sex appeal (the woman)
  • The humor appeal (the chipmunk itself & the various scenes)
  • The emotional appeals (the children & the chipmunk)

What a combo!

Though this ad is both catchy and unique, as it tells a story for people to stay tuned for the next episode, I must admit that unless it is very short lived and LG have other campaigns to introduce soon, I doubt there will be any real changes in LG sales only as a result of this campaign! The way I see it, the chipmunk will target only a certain group of audience and will become “boring” after a while.

What do you think: Did you enjoy the campaign? Did you relate the ads to LG in anyway? Do you think you have a chance of winning the prize?

Looking forward to read your comments down below :)

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4 responses to “Dramatic Chipmunk Starring in New LG Campaign [video]”

  1. Amer Kawar says:

    Very interest recycling of one of the top memes of the last few years, but: 1) the video does not clearly state what the campaign is about, and 2) when you actually make it to the liveborderless site, you can barely notice that it's an LG campaign. The site simply sucks.

    They did the first few steps correct and they have 10's of thousands of views on the videos, but as a campaign for LG I think it's a total bust so far, and if they do not fix it, it's going to stop at that.

    My opinion: Not a well thought out campaign. Animation wise, there is talent, marketing and web experience is barely a 1 out of 5 stars.

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  4. At first I thought its real. A truly amazing way to capture an audience. Great!

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