Ikea’s Social Marketing Genius

Watch that movie and weep. It’s not sappy of course, but its so simply brilliant it’s almost hard to bare. Ikea practically invents Facebook tag marketing.

How? They use the photo tagging function where users were able to tag objects in photos of Ikea showrooms with their own names to win these very products. What they managed to do is: advertise their products socially, spread the love, and involve people in conversations.

This campaign was done by Forsman and Bodenfors, who have been working with Ikea since 1996. This is their first social media campaign.

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5 responses to “Ikea’s Social Marketing Genius”

  1. Beiruta says:

    Smart, simple, fresh and effortless! Good job Ikea! This has to be one of the best social media campaigns I've seen so far!

  2. FadiPick says:

    Brilliant! It is so like Ikea, simple and smart! :)

  3. Roba says:

    It is quite brilliant, isn't it? So simple and yet so ingenious….

  4. AHCopywriter says:

    Stunning idea. Upset that I didn't think of it, upset that I didn't get free furniture.

  5. […] course though, direct benefit is also a great idea, if the IKEA Facebook campaign is anything to judge by. That campaign also incorporated a similar […]

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