Information Overload [image]

What is better than an infograph? An infograph about the internet :)

This nifty infograph called “A day in the Internet” is a little mind blowing. We all know that there is TONS of information being shared online through email, l media sites, and mobile technology, but when it is compared to something as regular as a photo album, one can’t help but be a little humbled.

Here are the statistics:

A Day in the Internet

An average day online is basically information overload

An average day online is basically information overload

Created by Online Education. Click on Image to Enlarge.

Is User-Generated Content Dumbing Down Media?

With this information overload, I can’t help but have a little debate in my head on whether or not this plethora of user-generated content is making the world a better or worse place. Of course, I personally think it’s making the world a better place,  but I am a digital utopian, which makes my opinion rather biased.

It reminds me of Andrew Keen’s book “The Cult of the Amateur” where he argues that “what the Web 2.0 revolution is really delivering its superficial observations of the world around us rather than deep analysis, shrill opinion rather than considered judgment.” This is what happens, he says, “when ignorance meets egoism meets bad taste meets mob rule.”

What do you think? Is media for better or for worse, with the increasing importance of user-generated content?

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I love the way you're thinking here…

    Well, you said you are a digital utopian, which is why your opinion would be biased.

    I'm not one, and I agree with you, this user-generated content does add great value to the web and, in return, to the whole world – give and take useless content here or there :)

  2. FadiPick says:

    It has just now occurred to me that social media effect is more important in terms of human life documentation than its effect on media itself. Yes, there has been a major impact on traditional media in different aspects, mostly the way traditional media collect and distribute news, but this is en evolutionary process that affects every industry with new inventions. On the other hand, people has always been talking to each other offline, and we have never been able to document that, now we ARE! We are listening to and documenting the daily details of the man of the 21th century! That is really something :)

  3. Roba says:

    Beirut, exactly :) Really, there's always the good and the bad, it's just about sifting through the content and crowning the good. Sometimes, it doesn't take a degree in literature to write kick-ass fiction

  4. Roba says:

    Fadi, it is something :) but I guess there are so many pessimists in this world who can only see the bad side of something. Oh, well.

  5. pThomas says:

    Great closing. I've never thought of user generated content in a negative light before (i guess i'm a little utopian too). It's volume sure does mandate better search and filtering tools. Maybe Google's WAVE is the answer or something not even thought of yet.

  6. The media makes their own choices. Over a year ago I remember finding several instances of journalists for major news outlets quoting nutty bloggers about Sarah Palin … and treating the information source as valid. That discredits the journalist.

    I think the problem with the media started when they started trying to fill 24/7 cable news channels, and blogs, and print media. There isn't enough newsworthy information to fit a 24/7 news channel … so we they started reporting fluff and started telling themselves it was news.

  7. Andy Moles says:

    This nifty infograph called “A day in the Internet” gives us an overview on Information Overload. I feel that the situation is so bad that we do have to depend on the next generation technologies like Taroby which focuses on reducing this information overload.

  8. gucci says:

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