Is Romance Dying? This Twitter Proposal Suggests So!

Allow me to begin this post by stressing one rather important fact: “Some girls would not accept being proposed to on Twitter, I am one of those girls!”

Therefore, after having read the article about this guy’s Twitter proposal, I felt the need to express both my anger and disappointment about the way the heart felt, old-fashioned, traditional romance seems to be diminishing; washing away into oblivion, day by day!

I wonder now: What happened to the world, to us, to the sincere, highly valued well-planned events and occasions? What happened to the times when the man would go down on one knee, hide the ring in a champagne glass or even pop the question on the linescreen during a football game?

Proposal Caricature

Proposal Caricature

It is truly unnerving to me to think that real romance might be in a heavy coma, in a vegetable-like state, living on machines and wires, waiting for the final plug to be pulled!

Frankly, when I read the article that stimulated this response, my first reaction was: Social media is to blame, just like all the other mishaps and dysfunctions that have been blamed on social media. But after taking some time to think about it, I realized that it is our duty to protect what we believe in and care for; which is why I decided to bring this up here!

Social media might be evil sometimes and it might not be enough for maintaining friendships yet we should not allow it to be an obstacle in the way of true romance!

Therefore, in conclusion, I urge you to think about this and let me know what you think: Would you propose or accept a proposal through Twitter? Do you think romance is really being influenced by social media? Or is the way we are leading our hectic lives the main reason behind this?

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17 responses to “Is Romance Dying? This Twitter Proposal Suggests So!”

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  2. Mai Abaza says:

    I've come to believe that what you refer to as “real romance” was never real in the first place. It's found only in poetry, novels and films.

  3. jwillz says:

    God no i wouldnt. If someone proposed to me via twitter i would do two things. A) laugh an B) say NO. Actually maybe id do three things, C) kick them in the face =D

  4. netzsooc says:

    “pop the question on the linescreen during a football game” So, what would be the difference between this and pop the question on twitter??? on the football game, even if it is the superbowl not so many people would be reading as in twitter… the romance??? what do you refer to real romance??? may be if there were more movies about couples proposing in twitter or social media people will start thinking that is true love. I think there is nothing evil in social media, social media is just what it is because it is part of the society… people there is the same people out there…

  5. Beiruta says:

    That makes me sad! Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic!

  6. Beiruta says:

    I said even popping the question on a linescreen would be more romantic just for the effort involved to make it happen :) In my humble opinion, romance needs some effort combined with a little creativity and a lot of love. A Twitter proposal is and always will be void of those :)

  7. Roba says:

    I think digital stuff are just as romantic as none-digital stuff :) I met my husband on the internet, and even after all these years, he often surprises me with “digital” romance, which I find even more awesome than regular romance. For example, the other week, he planted roses for me in his Farmville farm:
    It was nicer than real roses.

  8. FadiPick says:

    He planted roses for you in his Farmville farm?! No that is ROMANTIC :)

    This is the first time I feel like playing that game :)

  9. RubyDoo says:

    Why in the world does it matter to u if someone proposed on Twitter? A groom Tweeted his “I DO” to @futurewife on Twitter and no one got too excited about that… I think you need a boyfriend yourself, and make sure u send him this blog so he won't propose to you on Twitter, and you should be just fine… Good Luck!

  10. Beiruta says:

    Dear RubyDoo, I appreciate the sarcasm in your comment :) Cute! But it's not about me getting a boyfriend or not. How would you suppose that I don't have one anyway? Regardless, I am just someone who believes in good old fashioned romance! And frankly, this is my personal opinion about things :) I appreciate yours as well. Good luck to you too!

  11. Beiruta says:

    Like they say: different folks, different strokes :) I definitely prefer one hand picked red rose over a dozen of digitally pixelated roses! :)

  12. M.Bamieh says:

    I think romance is in the eye of the enamored so what you might find repulsive is another's perfect cup of tea

  13. FadiPick says:

    Beiruta, in term of preference, I would go for real roses, but then again, the plant of a cyber roses is romantic indeed :)

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  15. MsWriteNow says:

    I don't think that social media is influencing romance, but I do believe that social media is becoming a lazy way to relating. Relationships, romance – they take work. Sure, social media takes work too, but that is something completely different. The thing about social media is that it easily becomes about one person – the person creating the content. I personally would not accept a twitter proposal, as I see it as a highly narcissistic. A proposal of such manner is more about the one extending it, not the one it was intended for. If they can't look each other in the eye and take that big next step, maybe they should find someone else.

  16. sallyalgeria says:

    men should think of any romantic way to propose either the old fashioned or on the social media way …

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