Mashable Open Web Awards: Free Advertising by Thousands of People

Mashable is running its 3rd cycle of its Open Web Awards this year. The Open Web Awards is their international online voting competition that covers major innovations around web technology and achievements in the social media arena. This year, Mashable has created a viral nomination platform that was spread amongst social media enthusiasts all over the web. While the awards are directed towards web innovators in social media, they are not explicit to persons or companies, but also to brands and any page or product online!

Mashable number of unique visitors almost tripled in the last year

Thousands of people – mainly social media experts – have nominated themselves (or have been nominated by others), and each one of them has probably called for votes through his social media contacts and followers to provide Mashable with amazing free advertising. According to web stats, Mashable’s unique visitors have almost tripled in the past year surpassing TechCrunch back in April.

One of the interesting moves of self promotion for the Mashable Open Web Awards is DM’s video (who contacted us to have is name removed from this post) over on his YouTube channel. He is nominated under the “most educating” category – same as Stephen Fry – and is now in the top 500. He used a Youtube video to call out for his 18k+ channel subscribers to vote for him.

Calling for votes…

The Open Web Awards have gained much momentum all over the web. The biggest winner is Mashable themselves! The awards web page shows an impressive 109,955 retweets! I wonder if there has ever existed any page that surpassed that number of retweets!

What do you think of Mashable Open Web Awards? Have you participated in giving Mashable some free advertising? Do you think it helped them take over TechCrunch? Let us know your opinion in the comments section

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  1. Beiruta says:

    I like the idea of the web awards, I just have doubts about the integrity of choosing the winner! Maybe it's just my pessimistic view on things :) And yes, I did do some free advertising for them and I also think TechCrunch should come up with an equally creative and enticing game plan!

  2. HI, 

    Thanks guys for sharing news that Mashable Open Web Awards. Its great news guys. 

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