The 1960′s Artist Illustrating Social Media [images]

Taking knowing out of the equation and using of only imagination, how would a 1960′s artist, who possibly can’t even begin to imagine the possibilities of the internet, illustrate some of the web services we know and love? French artist Stéphane Massa-Bidal did just that- designing Penguin Classics-like bookcovers for ten social media services, including Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

The result? A beautifully vintage, mind-opening series. They can be bought as prints, and would make a great addition to any techo-lover’s bedroom.

Wikipedia Bookcover from the 1960's

Wikipedia Bookcover from the 1960's

Which one is your favorite?

My favorite is definitely the YouTube one. It’s so funny. What would you add to this list of services to be vintagized? :)

[Gizmodo via Retrofuturs via Flickr via SuperPunch via Gearfuse]

Comments and Reactions

  • Beiruta

    I must say I LOVE the Wikipedia one :)

  • M.Bamieh

    I'm curious who is that on the one.

  • gisnap

    Its really cool, I came to know this really worth visiting, just bookmarked your site.
    The place where fun never ends

  • Beiruta

    Thanks :) Stay tuned for more social media news, jokes, hackarounds, images and videos :)

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