Top 10 Ways to Take Revenge Using Social Media!

Last night I had a revelation, somehow I have to make you pay

It’s all about manipulation, and what it takes to get my way

I don’t believe in soft solutions, no one makes a fool of me

Without receiving retribution, no one hurts me and goes free…
~ Red Delicious

Allow me to begin this post by stating one simple fact: None of us are saints! I am sure that the idea of revenge have crossed and even more, played around in your minds at one point or another and for different reasons such being lied to, being back-stabbed, being stolen from, being humiliated and so on.

Revenge is Sweet!

Revenge is Sweet!

After writing my post on how social media makes cheating easier, and on the day I realized that I have been a victim of an ongoing lie for two years, a friend suggested that I write a post listing the ways social media can help someone take revenge through social media, as a part of my healing process!

Therefore, and in efforts to draw a smile on your face, and share with you some of my evil yet never executed ideas, I present you with the Top 10 Ways to Take Revenge Using Social Media:

1. Publicize Images through Flickr:

As wicked as this may sound, sometimes the pain you feel when betrayed is overpowering and it sucks you into a sick cycle where you feel trapped and you search for any way to feel better. Posting images on Flickr of someone who stole from you or who betrayed your work partnership, with a caption or brief describing what happened, not only has the power to help you heal, but also allows other people to watch out from falling into the same trap!

Revenge on Flickr: Eat This! By raktfram

Revenge on Flickr: Eat This! By raktfram

2. Tell A Story Using a Blog:

Sincerity combined with the right venue and audience could really aid in the healing process. If you don’t have a blog, create one! Use your blog to tell the world – and those who hurt you – how you feel; share your pain and your experience. (Note: It is preferable not to mention real names, abbreviations, nicknames or pseudo names are more advisable).

3. Use Facebook Wisely:

If you’re out to take revenge, make sure you know how to use Facebook wisely, especially while keeping its new privacy settings in mind! If your ex cheated on you, you either block him and tease him by doing so, or- the more evil way to go around it – is to post different pictures of you going out, having fun or maybe even just change your information: from single to in a relationship while posting fun and joyful updates showing that you’re moving on!

You can join or create a revenge dedicated Facebook group!

You can join or create a revenge dedicated Facebook group!

4. Improvise – Twitterise!

Whether you use short simple quotes to describe the betrayal you have been a victim of or you create your own personalized tweets to fit the painful experience you have suffered. Tweets have the power of healing you, especially when people reply to your tweets through advice or sharing similar experiences.

5. Be Evil: Impersonate!

Okay, I know this might be very evil, and morally unacceptable as well. But if you are hurting and you have no other way, you should go for impersonation! Let’s say Mr. Jim broke your heart. You can create multiple accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LindkedIn and so on, and get his friends to think you are him then slowly reveal yourself through letting them know how badly he treated you and how he lead you on!

6. Be Funny: Imitate!

So, how about a little less evil and some more fun! Regardless of the social media tool you decide to use, make sure you imitate the person whom you’re seeking revenge from! For example, video tape yourself acting as if you are the person and post it on Youtube! Don’t forget to send him/her the link!

7. Be Creative: Mock!

Again, this revenge technique can be applied to different social media venues, mainly on Youtube: where there are million of people who could view your mockery and rate it, and on Facebook: where you might have friends in common who can agree with you on the mockery you come up with!

8. Be Wise: Give Lessons!

I remember, a while back, I wrote a funny post on my personal blog. In that particular post, I told a story of a very bad and painful relationship that I suffered severely from, followed up by a list of advice about “men you should never date”. I also posted the same post on my Facebook account and tweeted about it! I have to admit: it was a blast!

Use your blog to teach others from your own mistakes...

Use your blog to teach others from your own mistakes...

9. Be Nasty: Spread Rumors:

This method is HIGHLY unrecommended and might get you locked up in jail or at least sued! The idea here is to use real names, pictures and locations in order to spread rumors or secrets you know about the person who caused you pain over social media venues. (I hope none of you ever does this because if you ever felt you got here, it means you’re losing it!)

10. Simply… Vent & Let Go!

Revenge might be sweet, but forgiving and moving on makes you the bigger person. Here, the only advice I can give you is to read one of my latest posts: How To: Utilize Social Media for Voicing Worries & Sharing Concerns, breathe in and move on…

To Wrap Up:

Always remember that Revenge is nothing more than “a confession of pain.” No one can blame a person for confessing his/her pain after a painful experience!

Finally, I’d like to ask you a few questions: Have you ever resorted to revenge? Did you ever use any of the above ways? Do you have in mind any funny or evil ways for revenge that I might have missed?

Looking forward to your comments below :)

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a funny post using realistic tools! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME :)

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10 responses to “Top 10 Ways to Take Revenge Using Social Media!”

  1. I'm all for the 'vent and let it go' approach, and while that can be done on a blog, the words tend to be 'permanent', and the point of letting go is to clean the slate. Therefore, Twitter is the tool of choice, as you can vent in small bits, one rant at a time. Those negative thoughts simply disappear, and life moves on, which is the real point of it all, let go of the past and move your life forward!

  2. Basil81 says:

    Hmm, I've found that bottling it all up inside to dangerously unhealthy and potentially psychotic levels until finally exploding into a murderous rampage through the streets only to go out in a ballistic hail of glory was the best way to go about this sort of thing…Or just go on with your life and look to the future rather than the past. Can't decide which yet…

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  6. kirsty says:

    heeeelp! my ex led me on all along i was with him for a year and half he munliptated me by crying etc getin me in his good books … here the story we broke up after he told me he cheated on with about 6 people and that he loved it famous words even though i cheated on him too so we were even time went on we starteed meeetin up agen he realy messed with my head telling me one thing doin something else asked me to meet up with him once and didnt turn up im so stupid time went on munlipated me to be freinds with him again we sleep together i fort i was pregnent i told him n my mother n best freind he only tryed to embarses me infront of his freinds tellin me that i was lieing about it time went on munlipted me agen started hanging round with his freinds and him down some partys he only completly embarseed me infront of everyone telling them all the sexualy stuff we done how my virgina is so big ( having an opp soon so well soon see about that ) then posted everythig bad he could over facebook ever got his pathetic freinds to do it too telling me to end my life blablabla and hes only gone and got with the coolest gurl in town now shes having digs in at me over facebook and hes even trying to playing her off against me plus i recently found out he sleep with two of my best mates and even got one of them pregnent recently found out this after he made converstions up on msn trying to get him self out of shit i always fort he had been sleeping with them c a

  7. C.c says:

    moreaboutdoll has a cute pic!

  8. Priyrasta says:

    i have a quick question…isnt there a danger of getting busted using the net to get revenge?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Meh, sorry but most of these would just draw attention to your pain,and show you’re weakness. Some are good tips if simply opening up about it is what you want to do, but no real good tips for actually getting even with a person. The impersianting one could be useful, but I wouldn’t tell the person’s friends anything to reveal who you are! I would just use them to get info that perhaps could help you get revenge. In my opinion, you don’t WANT people to realize what you are doing-till it’s too late. But you also want to make an impression when getting revenge-make sure they remember the experience and it affects them in some way for a long time , even if they dont know it was you you will.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is all hypothetical by the way. I don’t even know anything about hacking. I am just saying how I think it should be done if someone WAS going to , not nessisarily me personally.

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